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Ok so it's been like FOREVER since I was on here.

First off I wrote a blog in my emails about how I felt when MCR split. here it is

The Anatomy Of A Fall (A song based on the Fanfic)

Title says it all really. made this two days ago. Also on guitar I quite like the rhythm of it :)

They call it the fall when the leaves are on the ground
and the ones on the trees are colored brown

they're fiery red like the color of your eyes
behind the sleeve of tattoos there's a kind smile

It's starting to rain and I'm feeling your pain
You never leave this place
Your footsteps leave no trace

I'm not even sure if you're alive
I can honestly say I've never met a ghost like

Naturally the name Sikowski sounds like a pretty bad name
And Ferdinand the plant is sitting by the window pane


This is a song called A Bad Joke Gone Wrong alternatively just as a name is Red Wine

I hope you like it! ;) it's about the Joker and Harley btw. I made it on guitar.

You're sipping red wine from a bottle that's cheap
While you're dressed as the Joker like Harley's at your feet.

Your enemy's good but he dresses in black
You're colorful psychotic and you're so so mad.

A pop out gun with a flag saying bang
Is unnerving like messing with the Jesters man.

Quinn is black and red, laughing off her head with you
As you're plotting homicides trying to get a joke in too.

You like to make a scene but you're like whatever
Though you have a mental disorder I'll agree you're clever.


Short story


Guy at the cinema watching saw 4 big fan of the saw films his kind of film. He would be even more clever with his homicides, he thinks as blood splatters on the 3D glasses he purchased for way too much money. After the film the guy goes home and takes a taxi, at the end of the ride the driver says "Sir, 10 bucks" the Guy pulls out a knife and leans over to the front seat and stabs the driver in the chest. Then he throws a few coins on the dashboard and opens the car door with his glove covered hands, shuts the door behind him.


So my fanfic is on pause, I haven't been on here for AGES! Conventional Weapons is cool, I have an MCR top. I started writing a story (it's not a fanfic) but it could be. and um I still need to write chapter 5 but I think it's a cool story, Basically it's in first person POV, this person is bi and gets beaten up by their mum so they runaway from home. They also have a voice in their head that talks to them and half the time is mean. Action stuff happens in the woods, a dog comes into the story called Mozart.

Continue or New?

So I notice I don't have very many readers with my fanfic and not many chapters either, So I am wondering should I stop this one and maybe wright a new more actual Frerardy one?, The Plan for what was to come with the story I am writing is below >Stop reading now if you don't want it to be spoiled baring in mind there might not be an actual chapter of it<

So I planned that Mikey goes to the Halloween Party/Prom with this random girl and Gerard hangs out with Frank and Frank introduces him to Ray (and maybe bob) and they all get along but Frank notices who the girl Mikey is with is.


So like yesterday I was randomly on my phone and I decided to type 'emo' into the search bar of the app store app to see what came up and what was there was a 'how emo are you' quiz or something like that and I was thinking 'ha I could take it and see what it's like' so before I downloaded the app I looked at the summery type thing it says about it and this is what it said.
'Got tears?

Are you really Emo, or just a poser? Take a fun, easy quiz to find out where you land on the Emo scale.

Emo is short for the word "emotional," and mostly refers to eyeliner-wearing teenagers that wear their

Converses + Batman = AWESOME AS HELL!

So who thinks these converses are awesome? I partly designed them on a website where you design converses which are partly done or are completely white and anyway it's awesome! :D


I am so happy :D All the pictures are live pictures though, I don't have anything against that but like I would love some more like photo shoot pictures if any of you know what I mean :D

A message from my awesome friend about bullying

I showed my friend my post about bullying and they have a comment but they gave up and found it to hard to make an account on here so I am passing on the message ;) So this is what my friend said :D
'Bullies should burn in hell and when their flesh burns off, their bones should be grinded, thrown in a bucket, blow up the bucket, hoover up the ashes and then blow up the hoover.'
Thanks for reading from my awesome friend Piranha Fish