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Car Accident right by my house

This morning at like 4:00 my mom heard a thud and she went out on the porch to see what it was. It was this Dodge car in our yard. We live in the country and near the highway. She called 911 and the dude survived but he lost a lot of blood. But there was still some car parts on our yard. My mom called a deputy but he was being a asshole and wouldn't call somebody to help take parts of the car away. That was a weird experience and another reason why I don't want to drive at all. And also I live in Wisconsin and people should know not to drive so fucking fast!

Just watched The Black Parade Is Dead!!!

I just got it today and it is so awesome. I love it so much. It like I'm actually there in the room. I do hope I see them in concert one day. I also got an awesome killjoys t-shirt from hot topic!!!!

Anglo-Saxon Poem: The Dead Girl, Myself

Walking down
the dusty sidewalk
looking around
the decrepit buildings.
Seeing someone,
hearing someone
I sprint down
the deserted alley.
A shrill scream
of unfortunate despair
a dead girl
blood everywhere.
I scream aloud,
someone appears
in white with
angelic wings.
Gazing down
I pout aloud
I extend my hand
towards him
we ascend into
the white heavens.
I dry sob
tears falling.
I scream aloud
realizing something.
Goodbye everyone,
goodbye home
goodbye family,
goodbye world.

Merry Christmas!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a merry christmas or happy holidays. It was a great one this year for me. Last year I was so sick and not really eating any food that this year was a big improvement.