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Kobra Kid Boxset & Comics For Sale (PRICE OPEN TO NEGOTIATION)


Feel free to inbox me here or on ebay if you want to discuss the pricing.(:

Box set includes Kobra Kid mask, 12" collectible poly resin ray gun, raygun stand with Kobra Kid MCR placard, original BL/ind Industries box with sleeve featuring Danger Days cover art and all four band members, 48 page "Art is the Weapon" photo booklet, Issue #1 of Killjoys comic, and free comic book day exclusive Killjoys comic.

Selling Kobra Kid Boxset in good condition!

These are extremely hard to find now a days & despite my love for it, rent is just around the corner and I find I must part ways with it.

Find the ebay listing here:

Bob Bryar's return to twitter.

After Bob left MCR he pretty much fell off the face of the earth. There were rumors about him being a mailman in Chicago && most recently being the sound tech for LMFAO. He had started using his old twitter again (@bobbryar) && now its verified.:D hes been talking to fans && answering questions.
im so glad to have Bob back.:3

Vote Killjoys!(:
were falling behind Paramore. c'mon guys! vote until youre blocked.
Killjoys Never Die!

xxxBlasta Baby.

New Digital Painting.(:

So, i make digital paintings using photoshop, a tablet && lots of coffee. id love to know what you think. ive got loads more mcr digital paintings && even some icons that can be seen here;

Killjoys, Hell Yeah!(:

its tomorrowwww.(:
ive refrained from listening to the album, since its being posted everywhere.
im sooo excited. i came back from work to the new Spin with MCR on the cover
&& ordered my tickets for the show in Chicago. ive waited ages to experience an
My Chem album as it came out. i must say, im going apeshit. remember to spam
the net with your Chemical loving tomorrow. let the world know theyre not taking us alive.
Killjoys; Make Some Noise!

xxxBlasta Baby

Zero Percent!(:

anyone else in love with this song?
seriously, ive listened to it a billion times already
&& its more amazing every time. its been forever since
ive been able to just blast a song so loud && forget about the world.
i cant wait for the album. it shall be rad.

xxxBlasta Baby

MCRmy Site.

As many of us know, was shut down awhile ago for reasons im unsure of. was also shut down abruptly, for reasons no one knows. So what are we soliders to do? An amazing person by the name of Tiffany [NxOhMissFriedxD] has set up the full of wonderful soliders.
check it out.(:

American Tour?

They better have U.S. tour dates.
i will explode otherwise. ive been waiting the last three years
for this. Are our boys going to let us american fans down?
thoughts on this.

Song Titles For The New Album!(:

Bury, (The Black Parade)
Drive To The Motel
Romance Definitely Isn’t Our Thing
Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back
Hail To The King
You Ate My Death!
Bullet Proof Heart
Death Before Disco
Am I Still Alive?
The Drugs
Monster Mash
Kiss The Ring
Black Dragon Fighting Society
The Light Behind Your Eyes
The Only Hope For Me Is You
i cannot confirm this,
but it seems about right.