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30 days of mcr days 24, 25, 26, 27, & 28

Day 24 -
When you became an MCR fan
Don't remember

Day 25 -
Number of posters you have on your wall
A lot

Day 26 -
Your least favorite MCR song
Don't have one

Day 27 -
Your favorite live MCR song

Day 28 -
Your favorite unreleased MCR song
Untitled song 'Stay'

30 days of My Chemical Romance!
Day 1 - Favorite MCR member
Day 2 - First MCR song you ever heard
Day 3 - Favorite song from “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love”
Day 4 - Favorite song from “Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge”
Day 5 - Favorite song from “The Black Parade”
Day 6 - Favorite song from “Danger Days:

hair cut!

Got tired of my old hair color and style. Figured id get some bangs. Ill be putting blue in it soon!
Oh and YES, I know my nose is fat.. XD

Cyanide Diamond

P.s. ill try to upload more pics later.

I'm Happy, Mad, and Sad all at the same time! WTF!?!?

Happy: Because I'm going to get coffee

Mad: Because I was supposed to get my hair cut about a month ago, and I was finally going to get it today, but now I have to wait 'till tomorrow.

Sad: Because my grandmother is forgeting things again, I cried all night last night because I fought with my family (like always), and someone (from school I guess) just sent me a text message saying "die Emo!" and I have NO IDEA who they are or how they got my number.

I hope everyones day goes better than mine!

Cyanide Diamond

These Guys Are Amaizing!
I'm going to name all the song on my MP3 Player!

I probably wont tell you all of them, because there is quite a lot..

21 Guns - Green Day
Dear Mariah, Count Me In - All Time Low
Animal I've Become - Three Days Grace
Astro Zombies - My Chemical Romance (The Misfits cover)
Astro Zombies - The Misfits
Before I Forget - Slipknot
Beverly Hills - Weezer
Black Dragon Fighting Society - My Chemical Romance
Blood (hidden track) - My Chemical Romance
Blood (hidden track) (Edited Version) - My Chemical Romance
Bring Me To Life - Evanescence
Bulletproof Heart - My Chemical Romance
Bully - Shinedown
Burn - Papa Roach
But It's Better If You Do - Panic!

-_- x_x ^-^ o_o O_e *...*

Put your iPod on shuffle and answer these questions:

Opening Credits: Famous Last Words - MCR
Waking Up: Good Riddance - Green Day
Going to Work: Legacy - Black Veil Brides
Meeting Someone New: When I'm Gone - 3 Doors Down
Falling in Love: Use Somebody - Kings Of Leon
Fight Song: The Drug In Me Is You - Falling In Reverse
Breaking Up: Hit The Floor - Bullet For My Valentine
Life is OK: Astro Zombies - The Misfits
Getting Back Together: I Don't Care - Fall Out Boy
Wedding: Our Lady Of Sorrows - MCR
Birth of Child: Give 'Em Hell Kid - MCR
Final Battle: Over My Head - The Fray

Who am I most like? (stolen)

Who am I most like?

Gerard Way:
[ ] Born in April
[x] You've been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs
[ ] Born a leader (I can be a good leader when I'm around people I love)
[x] You love drawing
[x] You love singing
[x] You don't take crap from anyone
[x] You're afraid of needles
[ ] You call your friends by their last names instead of their first
[x] You have siblings and love them (sometimes)
[x] You have brown/green eyes
7 out of 10

Mikey Way:
[ ] Born in September
[ ] You play bass ( I WILL learn.. SOON!!)
[x]You don't have asthma
[x] You are near-sighted
[x] You wear

30 days of MCR days 20, 21, & 22

Day 21:
One MCR song that you could listen to forever:
"Famous Last Words" (honestly i could listen to them all forever)

Day 22:
Favorite MCR album:
Hmm... SO HARD!!!! I'm stuck between Three Cheers and The Black Parade, but I love them all

Day 23:
Number of MCR songs you have on your iPod/mp3player:
I don't feel like counting them, but I do know that I have all of their songs, and their covers of songs.

30 days of My Chemical Romance!
Day 1 - Favorite MCR member
Day 2 - First MCR song you ever heard
Day 3 - Favorite song from “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love”
Day 4 -

Random Stuff.

Well first of all I thought I'd update you guys on my Grandmother. She is doing great! She still has trouble remembering things, but they put her in an actuall hospital room, and they're feeding her solid foods!

Next subject! Y'know my friend Savanna (probably not). Well anyway, ever since I've "changed" she gets kinda pissed everytime I mention a band or a song that I like (weird right?). She automatacally assumes that it's screamo music. So what if it is?