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Sorry for spamming... I get really bored.. What is my life? xD

9 pending friend requests.

Aparantly I have 9 friend requests that I can't see! It will not let me except them unless I delete some friends. I apoligize to the people who sent me a request, but I don't want to delete the friends I have. It's okay though! We can still chat ^-^


Killjoy name update

I wasn't happy with my old Killjoy name, so I changed it. Turns out there were more that just one killjoy named Cyanide Diamond. Oh well. My new Killjoy name is BLASTA Baby. I'm pretty happy with this one :)

I regret that my tiwtter account is @cyanide_diamond, but I'll still be using it. Follow?


When you're sad I will...

1) Hug you while you cry
2) Get you drunk and help you plot your revenge on whoever made you cry
3) Cook you whatever meal you want. (may be burnt)
4) Go on google translater and make it say dirty things.
5) Tell you bad knock knock jokes
6) Prank call the radio station
7) Buy you all the ice cream you want
8) Build a house of cards just so you can knock it down
9) Quote from spongebob
10) and finally, beat the shit out of whoever hurt you (unless they are bigger than me... then I'll just TELL you that I'll beat the shit outta them)

I'm A poison Easter basket...?

Add up your total score and post a status like this: “I’m a (Write your answer here)”

[x] – You like cheese.
[ ] – You hate peanuts.
[x] – You agree that this quiz is random.
[ ] – You have farted today.
[x] – You have choked on something.
[x] – You are a writer.
[ ] – You smoke.
[x] – You like to swim.
[ ] – You have farted more than once today.
[x] – You like ice cream.

[x] – You have lied more than 10 times.
[ ] – You are an only child.
[x] – You have more than 3 pets.
[x] – You prefer water to other drinks.
[ ] – You are an alcoholic.
[x] – You are under


What’s in your wallet? If I had one, I would assume a couple of bucks.
What’s under your bed? A monster!
What’s on that way top shelf or in the very far back of your closet? Shoes
What’s in your underwear drawer? Underwear... DUH!
What’s in the trunk of your car? Well I'm almost 14, but there is a spare tire in my MUM'S car..
What’s in your desk or locker? Trash and books
Do you have a super-secret hiding place and what’s in it? Under my mattres
Do you feel guilty about something right now, if yes what? Not at the momment
What is the most embarassing thing in your room right now?

30 days of MCR days 29 & 30

CLICK ON THE IMAGES!!!!!!! THEY MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, now to the questions...

Day 29 -
A MCR song that makes you sad:
The Ghost of You

Day 30 -
A MCR song that makes you happy:
Na Na Na

30 days of My Chemical Romance!
Day 1 - Favorite MCR member
Day 2 - First MCR song you ever heard
Day 3 - Favorite song from “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love”
Day 4 - Favorite song from “Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge”
Day 5 - Favorite song from “The Black Parade”
Day 6 - Favorite song from “Danger Days: The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys”
Day 7 - Something you love about

Dear The People Who Wont Except Me,

Fuck you :)


1. Height: 5 feet 4 inches
2. Virgin? A proud one as well :)
3. Shoe size: 7
4. Sexual Orientation: Straight
5. Do you smoke? no
6. Do you drink? occasionally (shhh!)
7. Do you take drugs? Not anymore :)
8. Age you get mistaken for: 15 (i'm almost 14)
9. Tattoos? Not yet
10. Piercings? Ears (lip soon)
11. Best friend? Jonathan W.
12. Relationship status: Single. Not looking forward to a relationship right now
13. Favorite movies: Sweeney Todd, Paul, Harry Potter
14. Someone you miss: My Papa
15. Most traumatic experience: Seeing my grandmother have CPR preformed on her.