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If I were a rockstar :)

If you were a rock star, you.....

1. What's your instrument.
[x] Electric guitar
[ ] Bass
[ ] Drum
[ ] Voice
[ ] Other (Piano)

2. How will be the name for you band? (Writte that)

Halos or Horns

3. Are you in a band?
[ ] yes
[X] no, but i want to be
[ ] soon
[ ] maybe

4. What song you play? (Writte the song)

Whatever song i feel like playing!

5. What instrument you have?
[ ] Electric guitar
[ ] Bass
[ ] Drum
[ ] Voice
[ ] Violin
[x] Piano (dont know how to play it yet)
[ ] acoustic guitar

6. Your nickname will be... (Write the name)
Hmm.. I don't know.

7. Do you could dance?

I got a Killjoy name <3

I took a Killjoy name generator and got Cyanide Diamond <3

Get your killjoy name at