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katyierowaymcr's blog

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I'm getting so depressed lately. Every time I watch a video of someone meeting MCR I get so depressed. Like, that could be me. But it's not. I'm too poor and dumb to meet them.

life is just f*cking me over right now.

So today my sister decided to make fun of me plus im getting mad fun of by my ex and like everybody else. The guy i like that lives in wisconsin has a girlfriend but yelled at me for having a boyfriend in july. my life is fucking me over and i don't like it lol.
everything i do is wrong i guess because i always get yelled at for it.
i have a roleplay account on facebook and i get bullied on there by other roleplayers
i was texting one of the roleplayers yesterday and she made me break my phone
i don't have a phone anymore because i broke it because she was bullying me.
why can't the mcrarmy

im neww here C;

yeah so im really not good at blogs so you'll have to excuse my weird-ness and uhm random flails?
im new here.
im not a new killjoy. certainly not lol.
anyways i just found out about this whole blog thing and wanted to see who all use's it.
so,..,i hope i get lots of friends on here, uhm..idk..well yeah bye (: