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i have to say, i have certainly matured since i was last on here a year or so ago. i couldnt bring myself to go on here when MCR broke up, but i wanted to see if anyone still used the site and it saddens me to see that since the break up not many people have been online. MCR have got me through everything and i know that i wouldnt be here without them so i owe them my life. i hope everyone in the MCRmy is okay, love you all xo

i ALSO stole this :)

was born in: 1998
I am really: A spy
My cellphone company is: ? it works and thats all i care about
My eye color is: Green
My shoe size is: 6
My ring size is: Um...whatever fits?
My height is: i dunno but i'm midget sized
I am allergic to: One direction
My first car was: Not old enough yet
My first job was: i'd rather not talk about it
Last book I read: a comic book?
My bed is: bed like
My pet/s: have none
Piggy banks are: Overflowing with 1p coins
In my pockets: Junk
On my calendar: Doctor who
Marriage is: better now that we can marry people of the same sex
Spongebob can: Make perfect crabby

thingy thing :)

Write the first thing that comes to mind.
01 Hello: Goodbye
02 Love: Me
03 Cow: biscuits?
04 Peace: we are the kids of war and peace
05 Sky: grey and full of rain
06 Mr. Big: Mr small
07 Horror: Bring it on
08 You are a: human being (i think)
09 You drink: COFEE!!! and coke
10 Green: Seaweed
11 Red: Rose
12 Your first kiss: N/A yet
13 Where are you: England
14 You like: Lots of things
15 Hate is: a strong emotion
16 Love is: Hearts
17 You dream of: alternitive realities
18 You can’t spell: I can
19 Your favourite color is: Black
Answer either yes or no. No “maybes” allowed.
01 You like a


i just made a long ass post for here but it said that there were 'technical difficulties' resulting with me losing THE WHOLE POST! dammit! oh well...basically, i was just saying that i was bored coz have been stuck in bed coz am ill, so decided to post a pointless blog on here to pass the time. also have had WAY too much coffee (12th cup now) so hyper yet tired at the same time. great! plus, i had to be ill just as we broke up from school! right, i'm rambling now but gonna carry on coz no-one will read this anyway.