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Something Frank said

This is just something Frank posted on his website that I am reposting because I think it's amazing. He really is an amazing writer.

"step outside into a charcoal drawing. it's a familiar place you hated as a kid, but have metastasized a new found respect for once your back started aching on the reg.
hometowns are hell, until you've actually seen hell...and a sight like that can not be unseen. but upon viewing, home will transform into a paradise, your paradise, and local haunts will become exactly that.

Poem in under 140 characters

I slur my words
And yell
As we strut
Down cobbled streets
Through the night
Champagne glistening
In our eyes
And mist
Rolling over our past

the Drama

Okay so the whole Mikey and Alicia deal is completely explained at
if anyone is interested okay because it explains it really well.
And I am really mad at Mikey but I will get over it okay I just need to be mad for a little while. I'm really going through the grieving stages with this. And if you are an mcr fan I really highly recommend getting a twitter because you cant be a very good fan without a twitter like if you're there at the moment that gerard tweets or whatever its the best feeling in the world. you get to say you were there when it happened.

Goodbye Killjoys

So the other day when the site changed I got super emotional and wrote this:
It's time to lower your laser guns and step out of your killjoy apparel. It's time to take off your colorful masks and burn them because we don't need to hide our faces anymore. It's time to say goodbye to Party Poison, Kobra Kid, Fun Ghoul, and Jet Star. It's time to leave the Zones behind. No more clashing with exterminators, no more running from BLI. We don't know what is coming, we just know that it's time to move on. Yeah, it's scary. Actually, it's terrifying.

Errybody In the club gettin tipsy.

I have no logical reasoning behind the title of this blog. Glad we understand each other. I haven't been on here in like, two months. The range of my emotions is completely controlled by this awesome band from New Jersey called My Chemical Romance, so you can kind of imagine how excited I was when I saw the new layout! :D I've been having a really hard time lately because my parents are getting divorced, so maybe I overreacted a bit in my excitement... I fell to the floor sobbing... But anyway I'm SO FRIGGIN EXCITED for the new MCR stuff, as I'm sure all of you are.

20 Day Celebrity Challenge (Pediconed the idea)

Day 1: Who is your favorite singer?

Gerard Way. Duh. :)

I will love you 4ever if you please... my facebook MCRmy page:
...follow my MCR account on twitter:
thank your dearies :D <3 <3 <3

I'm here Michigan!

Bitch, I'm finally herr in Michigan. Hopefully there are many Hot Topics around the city of Saline. I have a bunch of moneh to spend on amazing hot topic shit. I will be here for 5 days before heading up to Canada. I'm here visiting my best friend Christin. And in Canada, that's where my insane family lives. The ones that pretend that they're nuns but secretly do drugs and rape children. Yup, fun family. :/
I look awful today because I got up at 6:00am and jumped in the car so we could get to MI before evening. I didn't shower or anything. But hopefully I smell okay lol.

Goals for July

I have 2 goals for this month.
First, I'm going to toss, restore, and organize. That means going through my room and getting rid of everything I don't need. It also means reorganizing the stuff I do need so that I can have a more effective way of storing my stuff. I'm going to clean everything and try to keep it clean. I'm not a germaphobe, but let's just say I'm sick of seeing small animals living in my bathtub. I'm gonna wash the windows, polish the floors, etc. But at the same time I will not scream when someone scuffs up something or spills something.
Second, I'm going to tackle a nagging

12 Commandments to My Life

1) Let there be music and creativity.
2) Do what ought to be done, and do it now.
3) Let it go.
4) Act the way I want to feel.
5) Identify the problem.
6) Lighten up.
7) Do good.
8) Be Katie and no one else.
9) Don't forget about myself.
10) Be healthy.
11) Make new friends and keep the old.
12) There is only love.

My goal this year is to stay sane and not become depressed, as well as becoming the person I want to be.