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My best friend is amazing and i love her so so so much, she's like a sister to me, and we are so unbelievably close. I also have a second best friend. We arent as close but ive known her since i was like 4. But my best friend has made friends with these 2 girls from my primary school (E and D) who i used to be friends with. They're ok, but they piss me off sometimes tbh :P My second best friend used to be friends with them but they supposedly called her anorexic and left her out and stuff so she left them and went off with the 'popular crowd' who have now ditched her. So she's stuck by herself and she's also really lonely and depressed because her mum verbally abuses her (im the only person who knows this) and she thinks she's ugly and stupid and all this stuff that she's not. I try and tell her but she wont listen.

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omg i hate school :l

so today we got our maths exam back.....one of my bitchy ex friends who was talking about me behind my back got 99%!!!!!! and guess what i got....60%. im not saying thats bad or anything but its so unfair, i try so much harder than she does :P
and also im stuck in the middle of an argument. my best friend has made friends with these 2 girls from my primary school- i dont trust them that much as they've hurt me before. But I've got another friend from primary who is really lonely and depressed at the moment, and she says these two girls used to call her anorexic and bully her, and i dont know what to do because my best friend doesnt believe her..... suggestions people?? :L

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Bored so i stole this ;)

1. Height: umm like 5 foot 6

2. Virgin? Yeah

3. Shoe size: 7

4. Sexual Orientation: Straight

5. Do you smoke? no and i probably wont

6. Do you drink? nah, i hate alcohol

7. Do you take drugs? no

8. What age do you get mistaken for? 16

9. Tattoos? no but i want to get one when im older

10. Piercings? getting my ears done

11. Best friend? Addy (nickname)

12. Relationship status? single atm, last boyf was a jerk :L

13. Favorite movies: titanic, all the harry potters

14. Someone you miss: my grandad, RIP :'(

15. Most traumatic experience: Nearly dying of pneumonia in hospital 2 years ago

16. A fact about your personality: i dont take no bullshit ;)

17. What I want to be when I get older: a musician, artist, author or DJ :)

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C'mon MCRmy!!!!

Okay, I need to get this out.

We are a frickin amazing fanbase. We are individuals, creative and emotive, and we love each other for it. But recently there's been way too much judging and stressing going on. Being an MCR fan doesnt mean not liking other music, and slaging off Justin Bieber, or anything stupid like that. Being an MCR fan means believing in yourself, and not taking anyone's shit, understanding the message that Gee, Frank, Mikey and Ray try and bring across in their music. You HAVE to be yourself in this world. You cant just change yourself because someons doesnt like something about you. There are always gonna be people who are gonna judge you an try and bring you down, because they have nothing better to do. You just gotta ignore them and get on with it, because YOU are the better person.

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In my english exam today we had to 'describe a dangerous place' and everyone else wrote about temples and woods and stuff. I didnt know what to write so i wrote about the desert and the killjoys and zone 6 in the na na na video! It was awesome :) lol my english teacher is gonna be like 0_0

Anyway guys please check out my last blog, its important! Much love killjoys xxxx :)

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my new song lyrics :)

Just thought id post them coz its how im feeling atm, ive only done the first verse and chorus, its called 'who do you think you are?'

I don’t like your new hair or clothes
I don’t like the way you show off and pose
I don’t like your new attitude
You act like I mean nothing to you

Don’t like the way you talk to me
This ain’t the way things ought to be
I try and forgive you but it’s not the same
Because I know that I’m not the one who’s to blame

Who do you think you are?
Play by the rules or you’re gonna get burned
Who do you think you are?
Play by the rules, it’s time you learned

what do you guys think? :)

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got my maths and french exams tomorrow and they're my worst subjects, i actually feel physically sick with nerves :L

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meh :/

had the physics exam, i answered everything but guessed quite a lot of it- at least ive done it now :)

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PANICKING SO MUCH! got exams tomorrow like physics and i cant remember any of it and i suck at science and im gonna fail so bad, fml

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Panicking!!! :/

Got my exams tomorrow, and im so nervous and i cant remember anything!!!