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Good evening Killyjoys

The Dracs are at it again, and this time disguised as my evil History Professor. Let Cobra Kid come and help me pass this class.

Did I also mention they are making time agonizingly slow?! Whyyou ask?!

1 month and three days until I get to see MCR in concert. New Jersey man, that's where they boys belong. Haha.

But the dracs have killed father time and have decided to mess with my sleep schedule and make me late to almost all of my classes. They've also misplaced my cellular device....Yes bad week.

I've also been, as I call it, 'detoxing' myself from My Chem until the day of the


It's pouring outside,a dn normally I'd love it, but today I chose the worst possible shoes to wear in this weather. Damn it -___-

Planteary Go

If my absolute favorite song to speed to. <3

A challenge for all MCRMY!

Write a 50 word story, no more no less, with a basic plot, situation, and solution. All written without words that have the letter e.

Here's an example that I've wrote:

My dad was always a drunk. All day, any day, I would look at that flask in his hands just hoping it'd pour down a drain. Dad sought all joy from his drinking. So much so, that it took him away. And I'll always mourn that I couldn't succor him.

Good luck and post your stories as comments in this post. I'd love to read them ^-^