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The Contest for MCR Reporters

Has anyone won for New Jersey yet? Just curious.

My Chemical Romance Video Games

We should start a board trying to bring them back! I miss playing them D:

Never Escape

The norm is always frowned upon. But after the weekend I had, trying to stray away from something and be someone who I'm not, I realized it's not that bad. I'll never do what I did again. I just want things to go back to normal.

I hate men

They're ignorant fucks who don't listen for shit. I'm done


For those of you foreign to New Jersey, and have never heard of it, it's a festival at Rutgers university. I will be participating in this event which involves partying until i pass out. College is where it's at

And We'll Carry On

It's a lovely day here in New Jersey, as I prepare to head out into this mid april rain storm. You know what they say, "April Showers bring May Flowers" Well you know what I say? Those flowers better be fucking beautiful.

That is all.

Look Alive Sunshine

Since I was 14 I was told I look like female version of Gerard. I tend to walk like him, I inadvertantly styled my hair like him. And my eyeliner would somehow shape my eyes to look like his. Of course I never believed it. Gerard is too sexy for me to look like that lol. But the things that happened to him always seem to happen to me. And now after four years I'm starting to believe it. Just because one of my teeth is now randomnly rotting in the back of my mouth. -______________-

May 8 2011

Will hopefully be one of the best nights of my life.

Just remembering the last time I saw the boys. It was in 08 at MSG. I went by myself and had the greatest time ever. Partly because I hopped over the catwalk into the pit. Craziest thing I've ever done in my life. Still have the scar to prove it xD

Can someone answer my question?

When entering the site, I sometimes see different jackets..But this only for like 5 seconds and then it disappears going to the killjoy jackets. It's like black leater with american flag possibly. I always look in the same spot so I don't notice anything else. Has anybody else experienced this?

New Jersey!

Let me see you type YEAH!

That bored, so please humor me? ^-^