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Scoping Out

Places in New Jersey for a music video. Born an raised here, I know where everything awesome is ^-^..........Well you kind of have to...Otherwise this place is soo boring -_-

Drugs Give Me Drugs Give Me Drugs

yeah I need them. someone stole my car today. Thankyou fucking New Jersey. What's even worse? Danger Days CD was in my radio.

The addiction of Coffee

6 pots and counting. The bags under my eyes are darkening. College midterms suck.

Complaints from Europe Fans

A lot of them complain about many of My Chem's contest not being in their countries....It really pisses me off because, yes we may get teh contests but they have gotten such awesome things from MCR. Might I remind you of the Parade they had for you how long ago? And all the special compliments they give to you? lol.

Honda Civic Tour New Jersey

My Chemical Romance show was awesome! I may not have had the barriacade and i was pretty up there. I'll spare you guys the details about who looked at who, who waved at who, who directed three songs at who 'cough Gerard cough me cough cough'. It was an awesome show. As for blink i didn't care to stay, because their fans were super obnoxious -.- so i followed my gut and left the show early. It wasn't in vain however! I met Frank Iero, he said Happy Birthday to me maannny times, and signed my arm for my hopeful tattoo today. It was a great show, best birthday and im so happy.

It's bitter to my lips

i was reading the tour reporters review on the concert went to. Milwaukee (?) was the one that particularly caught my eye. He said he originally wanted to win this for a friend so he could see her face light up when she saw the Fabulous Kill Joys and it reminded me of when I took my friend when I won the contest to see the guys on Jimmy Fallon.

When I got the phone call 5 days before the awaited show I wasn't exactly what you'd say lucid. On immense amounts of pain killers from my wisdom teeth removal I was all but normal, but i digress.

Those damned naught ninjas ate the pudding people again didn't they

So I'm going to the Honda Civic tour show in Camden and just wanted to ask there's no seats in the pits right? it's just standing and bashing eachother in the face to get to the front of the stage? I've never been to this big of a show of theres with a pit so i don't know o-o

New Jersey Show, May 8, 2011---Starland Ballroom

Let me here you say yeah! Got punched my Vans are trashed, dehydrated as fuck, deaf in both ears and I sound like a chipmunk from all the screaming. It was such a good show that I can barely remember the line up. Dead center right next to the damn stage until some jerk pushed me. But it's cool because: for all you die hard Gerard Way fan girls out there, you can kma b/c I held the mans arm for a solid 15 seconds during the opening NaNaNa. He also looked at me 4 times in total and reached out his goddamn hand to me.

Todays My Chem Show

Less than 12 hours away, Woo!

Good Morning KillJoys!

I ended up sleep walking this morning with my air mattress and stood against the wall hugging it. Great morning lol.