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Annoyances with some fans and MCR shows...

Last night a friend and I were reminiscing about our stupidity together of the past three years. And of course you all know, My Chemical Romance was involved--To a degree. And we started talking about our horrible experiences with the fans...

To set the record straight, what's further below is not fan bashing...It's just annoyances that I have with some of the bands fans.

Ahem. To begin lets flashback to May 8 2011, Sayreville New Jersey. I'm not too far of a drive away.

Conventional Weapons

Bought the complete set!!! Thank god I have a record player. Extremely happy, you've no idea.

Half of Your Face is My Face: Dissecting My Sisters' Mind (Comment your thoughts?)

It's 2 AM, I'm wide awake, and whoever is willing to read this will just get to know me more on a personal level. I'm an open person, so frankly I don't give a damn.

My sister is sort of an enigma. I'm not entirely sure how old she is, somewhere in her 30's, what her favorite color is, her husbands name, or her childrens. We're strangers by blood. And that blood we share is the reason why she hates me.

We're half sisters by our father, Tom. And to give a little insight, Tom wasn't one of the greatest fathers.

Song of The Moment. Plus a little insight on myself...

When people ask me what's on my mind or how I'm feeling, I just don't; I'm empty. I'm a sleepwalker. And like in sleep I feel no pain, nor pleasure. I'm just there, taking up space. I don't know what I want; I just go through life because. I do what I think I'm supposed to do, because I've no aspiration for anything. I just keep going, just because.

Just need to Walk away.

Until my heart stops beating, you'll never hear me say 'I'm backing down'.

20 years old officially...Feeling old. You know it's weird. 20 is so young, but when you look back on your 'youth' it all eems like it's yesterday. And than you look forward, and you can't see anything, tomorrow is always something unexpected. I just feel that turning 20, for me personally, is the biggest accomplishment I've ever made. I never thought I'd live this 'long'. It's like a serene yet uncertain feeling, ya know?

Franks Recent News

His news is bitter sweet. Because if I can recall correctly, Gerard said once those songs were released it would more or less be the end of MCR...I don't know.

Your thoughts?

The Website Changes

Think this means the new album will be out soon? Or at least maybe just a taste?! Excited ^_^

The New Album

I know it's only been two years since Danger Days came out, still can't believe it, I'm BEYOND EXCITED to hear more of the boys! New album= New Music= Tour=Concerts=Kate possibly meeting the guys again= Happy Kate and Sen.

Your thoughts?!

That's All Folks

I'd like to start this how I start all my other some what personal blogs. If your interested go on reading and by all means leave a comment. If not just skim over and do all those annoying surveys we all do when we're bored.

This year could have been better. Though I admit that good must come with bad. My bad seemed to be more in abundance than any good.

Monetarily wise I'm set. College? Officially onto my third year. I have a goal for my future and I'm planning hard to make sure I become somewhat successful.

But that really isn't the problem. I always can rely on myself.

A-Z random facts stuff

A - AVAILABLE: After four years, yeah.
B - BIRTHDAY: 9-17-92
C - CRUSHING ON: No one, not ready yet
F - FAVORITE SONG: Say it To Me Now- Glen Hasard
H - HOMETOWN: Newark New Jersey
I - IN LOVE WITH: Was in love
J - JUGGLE: I can juggle pineapples xD
K - KILLED SOMEONE: No, but I'd love to
L - LONGEST CAR RIDE: New Jersey to Indiana. 18 hours of fucking hell
O - ONE WISH: To be successful in life