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Gerard Ways 10/22/14 Show

Is anybody going to the show? I'm really surprised tickets haven't sold out...

Please Read and Help

Hi guys,

I'm asking you guys to check out this page in hopes that you will help me pick my life up. I have been in and out of living in my car for the past 4 years, and it looks like if I don't get the help I need I will be living in it permanently.

To tell you why I'm asking all of you this, this is my story.

I grew up in an abusive home as a child, I will skip the gory details, the family that could have intervened, all of it.

Selling Danger Days Ray Gun Party Poison Edition

Hi all,

I have been a fan of MCR since 2004 and have followed them to all NJ & NY shows. I have collected some pretty amazing things through their memrobilia and have enjoyed their pieces thoroughly. However, coming into some difficult finances ahead of me with finishing up University, I'm in a stretch for cash. I want this piece to go to a good home and have listed it up on ebay. It's one of the few that are up there, seeing that everybody wants to hang onto something super rare (I don't blame you, I would too if I could). I'm accepting best offer, so please check it out.

Yours truly,

The Seven Stages of Acceptance

I was trying to refrain from posting a blog; because the bands breakup is something I know I've already accepted, and that's what kills me the most.

I've liked this band since the goddamn beginning. I was in elementary school still, and even though I had no idea what kind of spout they were going on about- the sound itself then had captivated me. It was only into my secondary elementary days did I begin listening to the words.

A life like mine isn't the hardest, but it sure as hell isn't the easiest.

Burning Bright

For the last few weeks I've been in a sort of chaotic storm of emotions. At that awkward age of 20, finishing my third year in University, and still emotionall calming myself from a horrible relationship I had gotten out of almost a year ago- I've been projecting myself like a blank page. Everything on the outside is calm and composed, emotionless. But on the inside a raging hell battles on with my psyche, trying desperately to burn me alive.

Quite a few times I've let it consume me. I realize I do this to myself; all the stress I experience is my own doing.

Bound and Chained

A poem I wrote a while back. Seeing that Valentines day is a few days away and I'm sadly single I thought I'd share what I wrote with you all.

To the other half at the end of this red thres...I wish you would fine me.
They say we're sewn together, and yet I can feel myself coming apart at the seams; but still this one string keeps me bonded to you.
It co could be hope, but most of the time it's just a symbol to mock my breaking heart.
Because I can feel you tugging its' threads; you must be with another.
You're just cutting into the wound making its color deeper; further staining it with my

We're Not All Nice People

I'm in this basic acting course in university where my lecturer wants us to get in touch with our feelings, so that we can evoke emotion truthfully when portraying a role.

I had initially took this course to help me in my better understanding for character development in my writings, because Creative Writing courses were not enough, and I thought 'Well the best thing to understand people is to interact with people' so I took it upon myself to enroll.

But never would I think that I'd come to the self realization that I am not in touch with my emotions.

Something like happiness and sadness

Number 4

I ordered the box set of the records the night they came out. And today I received my record of Number 4 two days earlier than expected. Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic; feeling sort of special ^_^

But did anyone else get theirs early too??

The Problem With Fan Girls

I realize this is a very touchy topic amongst girl fans, because there is a VERY fine line between liking the band and living the band.

I bring this up because I, like I'm sure many of you all, follow the band on their multiple social networking sites because, hey, they're people we look up to.

So let me get back to the point. Fangirls, have the personality of believing that they should stick up for the band, but against other fans? That makes noy have sense...

Guys, we're supposed to be a fucking family here.

Jack Frost sort of looks like Gerard....

So I went to see Rise of The Guardians this past week and I noticed something funny. I had a major crush on Jack Frost lol. The more I looked I wondered why and found that he sort of looked like Gerard.

Your thoughts?