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My muse has attacked me with inspiration for my Gundam Wing fanfic, Assassin's Protege, which i am going to be rewriting on What i would like to ask is this: if i posted a link on here to it (or posted chapters, provided there isn't a word limit or an MCR-content-only rule) would anyone want to read it? I don't want to go posting links or posting fics if no one is interested in reading it. Anyways, i'm off to go upload the first chapter onto!

Keep running,
~ Kari

I Just Noticed Something...

Cure for boredom and depression? Go to youtube and listen Gerard talk. I swear every time that man opens his mouth something profound, awesome, and inspirational comes out. =D Just thought i'd share that!

Keep running,
~ Kari

Yes I Stole It...Q&A Time!

Have you ever:
1) Self harmed?
Yes. 2 years ago and then again some last semester but not since.
2) Got into a real fight?
Nope. I don't really like confrontations.
3) Been too depressed to move out of your bed?
Yes but I finally drug myself out of bed this morning and went to class. =)
4) Tried to commit suicide?
Wanted to? Yes. Planned to? Yes. Attempted? No.
5) Had to lie to EVERYONE about how you felt?
Yes. I'm quite good at that actually.
6) Watched an entire season of a TV show in one sitting?
Yes, criminal minds. I love that show.
7) Talked yourself out of serious

MCR is My Coffee 1

Just woke up and really would much rather stay in bed. -_- I think excedrin must have caffeine in it cuz it kept me awake most of the night. Ugh. Not the greatest morning ever but i'm bound and determined to make it a good day! So of course i'm starting it with some MCR. =) I should probably hunt down the counselling center at this big huge college of mine today...i'm fairly certain we have one, its just whether or not we have to pay for it that i'm concerned about...that and i have no idea where it is! >_< Ah well.

A Huge Thank You to Zone Six!

Hi! I'm not gonna be on here long cause its late, but I just wanted to say thanks to everyone here at Zone 6 whose talked to me and helped me out so far these past few days. I posted earlier about my suicidalness, but with you guys' help (and MCR, yet again) i've decided not to put an end to everything. I'm going to keep on running, even if its not easy. Even if i have to get on here daily and talk to you people (you guys won't mind, will you?). Anyways, not so eloquently written announcement aside, my migraine medicine is calling my name and i need to get to bed.

Insert Title Here

Life's not worth it anymore. Its not. I wish i could de-age and be fifteen again and do everything right, but perhaps even that wouldn't change anything. I've probably always been meant for nothing more than this. I'm sorry. If this is all my life's going to be, then my life's not worth it.

Fuck It All

Damn it, just fuck it all, fuck it all god damn it. This is gonna be one big long mental breakdown of a rant so if you wanna skip this is i don't blame you in the least. I'm fucking failing at least half my classes cause i've been depressed all god damn semester. I have no friends at this college, and what friends I do have back home are either on haitus or rarely available.

Is anyone else having this problem today?

Hey all, i've been playing around on this site on and off all day and i've noticed something. I don't think my comments are being posted. I've even went back several times to blogs i've commented on and my comments arent there. Is anyone else having this problem?

Keep running,
~ Kari

Just Me Complaining

*sigh* Oh how quickly a day can go from good to shitty as hell and make you wonder what the fuck you're still doing here. Time to blast some music...

~ Kari


Hi i'm new here! Now that half of anyone reading this probably ran away....self introductions aside, anyone wanna comment and give me their favorite quote/song/show for really bad and mostly depressing days? Today is one of those spam-the-play-button-on-Famous-Last-Words kinda days.