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To all who care, I have updated my gundam wing fanfic Assassin's Protege on if you read it, reviews are much appreciated! without them i have no idea if my fic is crappy or amazing or somewhere in between. You can find it here;

Keep running,
~ Kari

Just a quick blog

I dont know where i would be without my music. Time and time again i get myself into these messes and everything threatens to swallow me whole and push me to suicide, but time and time again i listen to a few choice songs and for a while things are better. Not okay, but better. Just last night i was feeling rather overwhelmed and desperate when the lyrics to one of my newer favorite songs, Savior, by BVB popped into my head.

Ever had this happen?

So i was studying in the library today for my geography exam tomorrow when suddenly someone taps me on the shoulder. Suprised, i turn around and see this girl just having walked past me. She says hi and waves at me. I return the guesture and am filled with warm fuzzy feelings at the idea that someone is actually saying hi to me because my existance goes virtually unnoticed at my school. The only problem is this: the girl obviously seems to know me, and she looks very familiar, i just can't for the life of me remember who she is and how i know her!

Well, here i am again...

The horrible, relentless combination of suffocating amounts of stress, guilt, and suicidal thoughts has returned once more. At least this time its better cause i'm trying to ignore the pull to use suicide as an escape.

This blog's "post a blog" window is getting fucking irritating!

So i was TRYING to post a video of my new fav song but it keeps INISISTING that its an invalid code or some shit when it *cant be* because all i did is go to youtube, right click the video, and click copy embedded code. I would copy the URL but my computer never actually copies it, idk why. It should work! I've done it before! Granted last time it gave me shit too. THEN when i thought i got it working it comes up as some kind of fucking server error! UGH! Well FUCK trying to post a blog about the new song thats managed to save my life from a band i didn't even like till now.

Stole This Cuz I'm Bored

1. What is your middle name?
Nicole. But no Kari isn't my first name, i just like it so i made it my internet name.

2. Where are you from?

3.What color are your eyes?

4. How tall are you?
4"11'. My goal is to be five feet tall someday, but alas i stopped growing as a preteen. T_T

5. What did u want to be when u were little?
When i was little i wanted to be a vet cause i like animals, when i was a preteen/teen i wanted to be an author, and in highschool i alternated between wanting to go into animation or web design.

6. What genre of music do u listen to
Punk and alternative

Meet My New Favorite Song!

I know its not MCR, and i know i'm probably a bit late in discovering this band, but whatever. This song, and several others of theirs, has been on repeat since i found it. =D

Titles are Meaningless in a Blog

I'm sorry. I'm going to fix everything.

MCR is my Morning Coffee

@_@ I need another six hours of sleep. But unfortunately i have to be a good student for once and actually go to the classes im paying thousands to go to. I mean, its bad enough i'll probably fail half my classes anyways as it is cause i've done so poorly. Damn it, i've always been a good student, what the fuck is wrong with me this semester? Depression and having no friends shouldn't fucking matter, especially when your paying thousands to go to college...yet i've wasted all of that. The last thing i had going for me, i've ruined. *sigh* Story of my life, i guess.

MCR is my Morning Coffee

Ugh. Its 9:20 am and i just woke up and i already have a sinus headache. @_@ Idk why i'm even getting out of bed today. Everything just seems so worthless lately. I've even started cutting again for the first time in probably 2 or 3 years. Shit's piled up and i just want out of it all at this point. I am, however, looking forward to seeing Ryan in class tomorrow...he's the only one at this damn college who acknowledges my existence, and although i can't fathom why he continues to do so, i appreciate it.