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Good Morning!

Morning everyone! How are all of you today? Hope your mornings (or whatever time of day it is for you) are going good. Anyone doing anything interesting this summer? Anyways, my morning's been a pretty good one

[Post edited: Please refrain from posting about self harm as it is against the rules. Unfortunately, due to serious legal issues we cannot allow posts of this nature, so don't take it personally. Sorry, and thank you for understanding. Thanks, the mods xo]

3. No self harm posts
If you are feeling like you may harm yourself please contact someone who can help.

Call 1-800-273-8255 or


Hello again fellow killjoys! How you been? I know i used to talk to some people on here, im sure they know who they are, but im kinda not sure how to get in contact with them again. My messages all got wiped out ages ago, i can't remember full screennames very well, and they dont seem to have posted recently...anyways, I've been off of here for a good while. Tons of shit happened, and long story short i'm finally starting to get my life back together. Its not easy, but its possible, and i'm getting there. I hope you all are doing alright.

mcr is my morning coffee

Hi again everyone. before i get in on today's spilling of my thoughts, i just wanted to say thank you for all the messages you guys sent last night. i really appreciate it. i haven't had the greatest morning so far, and i have this huge headache on top of it, so i havent really been able to reply yet but i will when i get the chance. thank you everyone for your support!
But anyways, onto what i originally wanted to say. So we all know how like five weeks ago i decided i wouldn't cut again and somehow made it through finals week only to cut twice last week.

Nice guys. I really feel loved now.

There's so much i could say right now, but im not going to say any of it because it seems like half the time you guys dont care anyways. I came here hoping to get some internet friends with a fellow interest in mcr that could help me and support me and be a friend cause the only friend i have in real life moved. I guess i was naive to think i could find that here. If i wasn't so fucking tired right now i'd be cutting again like i did earlier but im having enough problems keeping my eyes open im so tired. Anyways i'll get off of here and leave all you people alone.

blogging again

feel free to ignore me as usual. i just felt like coming here cause i'm bored. i don't expect any help on here. i'm in the kind of mood where i probably wouldn't listen anywys. i just...its just, i'm just so stupid. i hate myself now. i got myself into a huge mess and now i'm probably gonna end up relapsing and cutting again, this time not out of any intense, suffocating stress/anxiety levels as per usual but out of self hatred and having boxed myself in because i'm just that stupid.

No Cutting Vow Progress Report

Okay so anyone who actually reads my blogs knows ive been battling depression, high levels of anxiety/stress, and cutting lately. I dont have an exact, precise date but so far, i've been cut-free for about five weeks now with only two relapses back to back, two days in a row, last week. I'm happy though because since then i've wanted to but didn't twice!

For anyone going through depression:

If any of you've been keeping up at all with my blogs, you'll know that i've been in some fairly dark places these past few months, heck this past week even. I've always heard, and always said, that it does get better, that things wont always be so bleak, but lately ive really found that to be true. I finally got past my nervousness and started opening up to people (remember gerard's advice speech about getting help when your depressed? yeah i finally took that advice.) First i told my best friend, then someone else im really close to whose older just a few days ago.

Things are looking up finally!

Like the title says, things are looking up and im estatic about it! I've discovered something called cognitive behavioral therapy, something im bound and determined to do on my own with the help of a friend. Long story short, i need to correct some bad ways thinking that i've always just let slide, and when i get anxious (seriously starting to wonder if i have some sort of anxiety disorder) i need to not just accept it but to stop, calm down, and examine why im anxious. me being me i went so far as to find a form that i can use full of questions to ask myself.

Chronicals of a Depressed Cutter Pt.3

Yeah im fully aware that no one probably reads this, but ah well. I think ive gotten over the fact that sometimes it seems like the general population of zone 6 is bipolar in their commenting - like one one blog i'd get a ton of comments and on another i'll get none, when both times i needed someone equally.
Anyways, its like im at a crossroads or something. I either try to overcome this depression and poor stress/anxiety coping mechanisms thing i've had going on and off for years, probably half my life, or i can just let it consume me once again and i know very well where that goes.

Chronicals of a Depressed Cutter Pt.2

Hmmm i guess this Chronicals thing might become a daily blog after all! Or maybe im just that pathetic and needed to rant yet again. I have yet to decide which it is. Anyways, today started out nicely enough - i got to sleep in, got some cleaning done, cooked lunch for everyone for the first time (this i was and still am quite proud of, me only just now learning to cook), and got to talk with my friend for a good while. But now reality, which ive stubbornly been ignoring for the past week knowing that reality is sneaking back up on me. what is reality?