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Debating Starting a Blog...Title Ideas?

Hey fellow killjoys! I'm debating starting up a biweekly/weekly blog up on another site. I havent chosen any particular site for sure yet. I want to blog for fun and for a sort of creative release, maybe to help me sort through my own problems too. I want to get out my own personal problems as well as help other people through theirs. Not quite sure how i'll accomplish that, guess i'll go with the flow and see what works best.

Anyways, i was wondering if you guys had any title ideas?

Today will be a shitty day, i can already tell.

Five hours of sleep thanks to me staying up on youtube till one - and my roomie's alarm - plus an exam i know i'm gonna fail because i didn't study very well, and classes to catch up in for the remainder of the week. Did i mention i was depressed and not wanting to get out of bed most of last week? Sorely tempted to just skip my second class and go straight back home to bed after i finish failing the exam.

I just wanna go back to bed

Today is one of those struggle to just get out of bed days. I don't even know why, it just is. Hell i dont even know how i fucking got *back* to this point, i never wanted to be back here. Well i lied i have an idea...stress, college, money, not opening up to friends, and not being a good student. Yeah i've skipped *all* of my classes today.

SO i've started to notice that this whole stress and anxiety and pressure combination has turned into a slight case of depression these past few days. I've started up old habits i thought i was over and done with. Basically, things have not been good.
So in a sudden burst of courage i texted my friend, who i will call oneesan on here, asking her if i could be honest with her for a bit (because i tend to minimize my problems around them so they dont know the true extent of them cause after my bestie neechan ratted me out to my mom i've been scared to tell anyone anything). she texted me

So i was absentmindedly procrastinating on studying for my poitical science exam, happily listening to music, when somehow i came upon a revelation. A rather horrifying revelation, all things considered. You can *easily* find out where people live down to their mother fucking house number by typing their name into And a billion other sites that may or may not require you to pay. And removing your name does little good because it will just reappear there again eventually. Why does this matter? Why does this horrify me?

So i just thought the entire world should know...

I talked to my roomie today. Not just talked, but about personal shit - demons and troubles and struggles. It was pretty nerve wracking at first, but it was nice. I haven't had anyone at college to share things with, much less someone who understands where i'm coming from. I'm sitting her similing broadly with no one else in the room for the first time in a good week or two. It was a good talk, i'm really glad that she broke the ice and asked how i was doing.

THE TIME HAS snap myself out of this funk i'm in.

Yeah I’m on the computer typing at eight o clock in the morning when my roomie a few yards away got back late last night from the rangers game. I’m such a nice roomie. I’m just glad she insists that I’m quiet and she never hears me. So yeah…I don’t even know how I got to this point. I just know that I’m here and I don’t like it. Stress and anxiety have gone through the roof causing me to relapse completely, and I’ve noticed that all the stress and anxiety is starting to bring on something like depression.

So fucking stressed out right now

I'm in college, and for those of you that don't know for every hour in class you end up spending about an hour outside of class per day studying or doing homework (if you want to do well and not waste all that money you spent to take the class, that is.) So yeah i have that plus preparation for exams that all needs done by midnight friday because this weekend i promised my bestie i'd visit her for the weekend. Unfortunately, this means that everything i intended to get done this weekend study-wise *also* needs done before then!

Why can't my family be normal?

Totally random venting session here. But you know how some families have family members they like to pretend just dont exist? Well my immediate family has that like times a million. One of my relatives, i'm calling her bitch cause i dont remember her name though i really should, i only met her when i was a baby...she killed someone in cold blood. I was an infant. My family was apart of what got the bitch in jail. well, you'd think that when someone goes to jail for first degree murder they'd stay there, right? Well she got out when i was like eleven.

More Thinking Aloud

Resuming my general thought process from my blog not a few minutes ago, i've come to a conclusion, though perhaps it just applies to me so feel free to ignore it. I just like to pretend that i've figured something out that perhaps others have too. But the point is this: In rough times you don't just somehow feel okay and upbeat despite everything. You have to chose to stay strong and tell yourself to stay positive.