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finally starting things off...

Okay, Okay, so i made this account quite a while ago, but never went on for a few reason, 1)laptop never works -______- 2) my username and pass was something i could never remember and 3) well i just don't go on the internet alot, i'm more like a reads alot, YouTube when i'm on type of girl so just to start off on my first blog i wanna say HI THERE!
my name is Kaitlyn, but people call me Kat.
i will be turning 15 soon,
i love to write, and i have a wattpad account if any of you guys knows what that is, my username is MCRkat. please check me out ;D
of course my favorite band is My Chemical Romance. i live in the united states, and can only speak English. -sorry-

uhhh i love to film, and i love youtube.
i like PewDiePie if you know who he is brofist =^.^=

if you wanna contact me i have 2 emails
my wattpad: http://www.wattpad.com/user/MCRkat
facebooks (i have 2)