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Bet is over

The bet me and Zane had going on is now over. I won and now have a extra 50 bucks to my name. Also I decided to take pity on him and let him keep his 'manly' hair. Starbucks rules and Zane I'm afraid had to go home a few minutes ago. He was sleepy and cranky. So before he left he flipped me off and called me a few bad choice of words as he handed over his money before trudging home. Dont you just love winning? :) He also read the comments you guys posted about the bet and was pouting that you were cheering me on and not him.

'Sup peoples!

Just to make this clear. I've kidnapped Rian's laptop. Oh yeah this is Zane. She's currently banging on the door trying to get in, but I've barricaded and locked it! So I take it Rian's told you 'bout that little bet? I am going all out on her! I refuse to loose my manly underarm hair and leg hair! ITS JUST NOT RIGHT TO BE A HAIRLESS MAN! Well you guys probably do or dont wanna hear what happened, but I'm telling you anyways! So Rian has been listening to Destroya on her I-pod touch ever since the bet started. She left the room to get more coffee.


I'm been listening to Destroya by MCR for the past 6 hours as a dare (by Zane since he's such a jerk and said I'd get sick of it. He said I couldn't listen to it for a full 24 hours without turning it off. So I bet that if I could then I got 50 bucks and he has to shave under his arms and his legs. If he wins then well I'm bald and he gets 50 bucks.) and yet I have the song False Pretense by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus stuck in my head.You're probably wondering how he's going to know if I do it or not? Well he's spending the night.

Favorite song?

Just curious what's your favorite song? I was asked this earlier and I just started naming off songs. The person, my bestie Zane, hit me over the back of the head and he said. "You can only choose one." (He also called me a name at the end that I dont think I should repeat. Lol) I just stared at him for a second before saying. "The answer is..........IMPOSSIBLE!" He looked confused and asked what I ment. I gave him my best cheshire grin and said. "I dont pick favorites." We then proceeded to play guitar hero where I have to admit I got beat, no I got exterminated.

My Killjoy Mask!

That's my Killjoy mask. Pretty nice huh? Oh my Killjoy alter-ego (Lol the idea of two of me might frighten my parentals) is Red Riot.Hope the picture is okay I took it myself :)

My drawing of a picture I saw of Party Poison (Aka Gerard Way)

Tell me what you think! I hope you like it and if not well thats okay everyone has their own opinion.

Whats the Transmissions button do?

The title pretty much says it all. I'm confused about what it does. Anyone know?

Not sure what to say.

Like the title thing says I'm not sure what to say. So I guess I'll introduce myself. My name is Rian and it is pronounced exactly like Ryan just spelled different. I'm a girl. I'm 14. I like My Chemical Romance. I'm in high school. I wanna be a author when I grow up. I'm a okayish artist. Is this even what you do in a blog? I don't really know, never tried to blog before. So I guess I'll just wing it! XD Also just wanna mention this. I went and clicked on the little tour button thingy and looked at the places they were going, curiously, and saw that they weren't going to Mississippi.