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So it's been a while. A LOT has happened since I've last been on. I got my heart broken and I may or may not have lost my best friend, Zane. After the kiss he said he wanted to just be friends. I just said 'okay', but I sorta kinda started to like him more than a friend....Then after he said that he went and hooked up with the school's head bitch cheerleader Maryanne. I tried to talk him out of it but he took up for her and called me a bitch! How could he choose some random girl over his best friend? Whatever happened to bros before hoes? Even if I AM a girl.


Yay for the weekend! Partayyy! Heck yeah! So everybody I'm heading to a party later on today and I'm just curious on what I should wear. I cant decide on my purple, orange, or red shirt, my white, black, or checkered skinnies, my black, red, purple, or orange converse. Well Zane is wearing his purple shirt that says ' BITCH BACK THE FUCK UP!', White skinnies, and purple converse. He wants me to wear my purple shirt, white skinnies, and purple converse so we could be matchingtwinards or whatever word he used. What do YOU think?

Wow its been a while.......AND SCHOOL!

I haven't been on in a while! Woah I haven't been on since like early July! OhMyBatman! Anyways me and Zane went to our first day of school! It was fun and we had like EVERY class together......Oh those poor poor teachers! LOL HAHA! Me and Zane sat by eachother and talked and talked and talked and screamed and sang and skipped and jumped and pushed and shoved and banged on the lockers shouting Fa LALALALALALA and screamed the song Destroya and giggled and made sex jokes and pissed the teachers off and randomly burst out singing in a silent room.......over all it was fun! XD

Zane's birthday

OH MY GOSH! Zane's birthday is in two weeks and I have absolutely NO IDEA what to get him! I need to get it soon and wrap it and hide it before next week though! Any ideas?

The Con

I cannot wait for the Con to come back around. I'll be there dressed as Hidan, Jashin, Itachi, Tobi, and/or Kakuzu. :D

Zane's an idiot...

Today Zane and I were in Pac Sun and Zane had a water gun. Those two together and in a store is not a good combination. Lets just say the water gun didn't exactly have water in it and he shot a few people before he ran out of what was in the water gun and he took off screaming "THATS WHATCHA GET BIZNITCHES!" I of course have learned a very important lesson: Never take Zane to a store with you or allow him near water guns........

My randomness

I didn't know it but today Zane pointed out that I randomly sing 'He calls the mansion not a house but a tomb. He's always choking from the stench and the fume~' I never noticed. I have been paying attention and have caught myself doing it atleast four times in the past thirty minutes. It's a weird habit I have I guess whenever I'm thinking. On another note my hair is down to about my mid back. I never noticed since I always have it up in a messy bun.

Whats better than going to Hot Topic

Going to Hot topic with friends :)

Hot topic

I am going to Hot topic! HOT TOPIC! YEAH BABY! I <3 that store! :)


Yeah lots of people believe in many different gods or just one god depends on what you believe in and all. Me I personally dont believe in hell and people say if you believe in god you believe in heaven and if you believe in heaven and god you believe in the devil and if you believe in the devil you believe in hell. Well I dont believe in hell so that means I dont believe in the other stuff.