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I have begun to feel poetic

A free bird sings
A Jail bird screams
A Penguin drowns
A Clown Frowns

The world is backwards
And Forwards too
It's like living in a zoo

Love is lost
And love is found

Time is slowly ticking by
Tick Tock
Tock Ticks
Tickety Tickety Tock

Sending Out Some Love <3

Wow I just logged in and it's been a couple of days since my last post. It was about me celebrating my birthday and I noticed complete strangers told me happy birthday. That just made my day. :) So I'm sending out my love to all you guys! We really are just one big happy family and that last post and the comments only proved that!


Welp I'm celebrating my birthday today! Happy early birthday to me :D


Welp I'm celebrating my birthday today! Happy early birthday to me :D

A Few New Bands I Know About

Awaken the Empire, Elizabeth Grace.....Cant think of any more do any of you know any?


It has been a really long time since I've been on here. O.o It's amazing. Well anywho life is good for this killjoy \>..> Well yeah I mean I'm in AP English right and well I'm planning on being in AP Art. Those are my two favorite things in school, besides drama. Even though I die of stage fright in drama. Oh! I tried out for The Outsiders at my school and mustered up some courage and.....*drum roll please* did not get the part. :'( Well I knew I wouldn't anyways because they were already pre-picked and the audition was held just to make it seem fair. It so isn't.

Halloween Parties!

I'm looking forward to many many parties! Me and Zane are soooo going to rock out!

Random Urgue

Earlier I just randomly wanted to listen to a song by The Used. So I turned on my I-Pod Deck and moved to my The Used songs and The Taste Of Ink came on first. So I've been listening to it for hours just singing along to it. I know it's strange and now I'm hungry from all the singing. Does singing make anyone else hungry? So now I have the munchies and want tacos.......Dunno why I want tacos though.....

A very conf-Used (lol) and hungry Rian

P.S Zane got hit in the nuts today and I soooo wished I had gotten it on camera!

I wanna....and band names

Hey everybody I know the past few blogs of mine have been full of drama, but thats all over and done with. Me and Zane are back to being attached at the hip and I'm glad for that. I think I wanna learn how to play guitar. I also wanna join a band. I think that'd be cool. If you could join or start a band what would you name it. I like the names Adam and Eve, Make-Believe Beliefs, Murdering Mary, Mystery Man, The Silence, The Breaking, Dead Before Dawn, Bloody Bullet, Chivalry is Dead, and The Unspeakable. Those sound pretty cool to me I guess thats just my opinion though.


So you guys wont guess what happened after I blogged a couple hours ago. Well me and Zane are back to normal. He isn't with Maryanne anymore. He broke up with her. I told him that I saw her shoving her tongue down some other dude's mouth and he was angry at me and said 'I was lying'. I was mad at him for saying that and just went home. Then about a hour later he comes over and apologizes while crying. I was shocked to see him crying of course and slightly pissed off that he was crying.