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I Have A Dream

I have a dream to go to Germany and run streaking through the streets.........Weird I know, but it is something I've wanted to do since I was eight and my auncle (Thats right auncle my aunt uncle, he got a sex change and I love him er her dearly) was with me and my mom. We saw a man running down the street in the nude and I, along with my auncle, thought it was funny. My mother did not.

Cant sleep....

So I took some NyQuil, but I'm not yeah anyways I just realized that I am A FREAK! Haha :D Oh the troubles I've seen.....Uhm uh uhm uh uhm uh uhm (lol imitation of my Biology teacher) I'm really hyper. Shouldn't have taken the NyQuil with a vanilla frap. from starbucks.


I feel like poo-poo and am taking some Nyquil and Advil goodnight


So today I asked my English teacher

"What do you say to a Atheist that sneezes?"

She said.

"I dont know what?"

And I was confused and said back to her.

"I dont know thats why I asked you!"

She was so embarrassed. She thought I was telling a joke when I was actually asking a question!

We, as in all eight of us in our small class, came up with saying 'Go to Hell' to a Atheist. What do you guys and gals think you should say?

Dont Blame Me

This pain is no game
So why are you playing me?
You try to blame me

But I say no
Nu-uh not anymore
You wish

But I'm already gone
By the end of this

I'm so sick and tired
Of you bein' racist
Have you no shame
Oh! My bad I forgot you think my pain is a game!

So sad
To bad
Dont even try
No I will never cry!

Was it real
Or was it fake?
You were just one big mistake

And so when I say goodbye
Dont blame me

My Poetic Being Is Springing Forth From Within

Misshapen Mistakes
I know you feel me shake
Dont you even know whats at stake?

My love
Your fears
My tears
Your beers

It's all the end of your career

You lie
I cry
You grin
And I pay for your sin

My son sees me cry
And he's always askin' why

I shake
You hate
The wall it breaks
And this is all it takes

For everything to end.

The Song I Wrote It's Kinda Morbid....

Its a aggression
Its a obsession

So just set me free
And let me be

Before I use a gun
To End your fun

And splatter your brain
Across my domain

So now you understand
How it feels to be in quick sand

So trapped now
You wonder how

And then I smile

I smile (x3)

Love is pain
And you use my pain for your gain

You're a black widow (Well guess what)
I just threw you out the window

Your screams of pain
Your tears of shame

You wonder how
But I just smile

Love is pain
And you use my pain for your gain (x2)

Your eyes
Your lies
All the flies

Your screams of pain
Your tears of shame

More Poems!?!?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?! XD

La la la
A child laughs
A man smiles
A woman cares
And the animals dance

The tiger pounces
The monkey swings
The crow caws
And the people dance

And pain

All are a part of the evil game

Why cant you see
That love can be
Anything you wish
It to be

If only then the beginning can last
And the end can be put on hold

The Joys Of Being Awesome!

So earlier today during lessons I was humming and my teacher was obviously getting annoyed and asked me. "Have you taken your medication today?" and that brought on a Hollywood Undead Reference which was 'Medication for the kids with no reason to live'. He obviously thought I was being suicidal or something and gave me a weird look saying. "Are you Okay?" Which brought on a MCR reference which was 'I'm Not Okay, I Promise.' He finally sighed and said. "I give up." I could think of nothing to add to that moment so I just smiled.

What Rhymes With Orange!?!

This has nothing to do with oranges or what rhymes with them. I just have one thing to say and one thing only...........SPRING BREAK! HIP-HIP! HOORAY! XD