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Just Wondering...

heyy all,
I was just wondering if there Dutch people here. If there isn't, I'm the only one!

(At the MCR members => Are you ever planned to get your asses in Europe? Just for a day or something? =D )

About my day => School happens...
Did I found a unicorn? Nahh, sorry.. =(

I need to go now, my dog is fighting with my brothers cat... I hate that cat >=(

Buh-bye Ilona~

For the people how follow this....

I had a friend-fight yesterday and I wanted to jam MCR trough te hole building tomorrow ^^

So today, I jamed MCR trough the hole fuckin' building and some teacher busted me. I though: Fuck.. I needed to write: I can't jam My Chemical Romance to the hole school because people in this school don't known what great music is." I needed to write that sentence 50 times :l
That guy how busted me LOVES MCR TOO <3 HELL YEAH I'M NOT ALONE! We listened to MCR for 2 fuckin' hours :3

That fight with my friends is btw done.


heyy all,
I was listing to MCR, when my friends took my phone and started to listen to it...
They all stared at me and said: Wtf...Your emo? Or goth? 0.0
I said: erhhgg...Wow wait! If I listen to this fuckin' great music and you all call me emo??
And that was the start of a big fuckin' fight...
My last words: A ''emo'' is sweard-word for a person who love themselves, darkness, music who jam a hole in your ears and for a strange reason unicorns and rainbows. If you all think I'm a ''emo'' like that, then FUCK YEAH I'M A FUCKIN' EMO BITCHES!
After that I went home and listened to MCR.