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The End

I don't believe this happen.MCR broke up in the day i be appointed to be EC leader. Actually i was read the news that mcr broke up THIS day because i'm too busy to open the internet last two days ago. I don't believe they are broke up when two days ago i planned to make a MCR hoodie with my cousin.What a pain in ass.Well,i share my story with you all.

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My (shitty) Helena Dress

Well,i was accidentaly found Helena song in accoustic version. I fell in love with this song again (i seldom listen to this song). I opened the music video and i think the dress and the makeup are awesome.

Then,i decided to make my own Helena dress (my version of course). I know Helena is a old song,but i enjoy it so i don't care what people think. The dress turn out well (i think for person who never learn how to sew,thats pretty satisfy me).

Last week,i heard on 2 March 2013 there is Pre Clas:h event (a cosplay event,the big one). I will wear my helena dress on the event,i hope people recognize me as Helena.

If you want me to give reference for how to make the dress,just comment this entry. (Sorry for my bad english)