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Twitter Account

Now you can follow me on Twitter : @Juan_MCRmy
Account Tumblr: www.myfuckromance.tumblr.com

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Thesis of my life

Hello friends, I want to tell you things that happen and have decided to feel accompanied, I have 22 years and more than 4 years ago that I am alone, many times I find support MCR. I have certain obsessions that I can not avoid doing in my life, I would like to have a different life than I have, but what does change is happiness but I can not find it, I feel that every day I always do the same activities and feel imprisoned, just ask one day be happy.

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My Chemical Romance & Danger Days

Today marks two years of DG album from My Chemical Romance, an album that was criticized by many for being different from the other disks in the band,but nevertheless I listen as 8 years ago #MCRSAVEDLIFES

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Latin America need My chemical romance!

Hashtag worldwide (Twitter) 17º March 2012 Latin America Misses MCR!!!

My chemical romance despite this long without seeing them, South America still has them in her heart!