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DUDE!!!... I ALWAYS have this weight on me... I am always worried about something so much to the point that i can't enjoy life.....i just think about it and think about it....until it gets accomplished or done.... I have been dealing with this for a long time.. its just gotten worse for some reason.. I worry so much about my future and my life... I can't even enjoy youtube!! my one and only solitude... GONE!

WHAT SHOULD I DO!?!!!??!?!

Needs to be said...

Okay... Throughout my life.. I haven't cared if some one was different from me... Because everyone was different... and i have been made fun of A LOT!... So I know how it feels 2 be an outcast...but like.. I am attracted 2 the opposite sex... and people who aren't attracted 2 the opposite sex.. That's cool with me... It's like.. i don't care.. I really don't ... like i care about EVERYONE as a person.. but if someone were attracted to the same sex... I wouldn't care!! I would care about them as a person.. like i do everyone else!!!The only time i judge people is if they r mean.. and that is

O my god!!! Welltabs... todays BL/ind brand medication.. what the FRANK!!!!!!
whatch this video.. and see 4 urself!!!

WellTabs infomercial and commercial. You may worry so much that it's affecting your sleep. You may even feel weak sometimes, both physically and emotionally. Nervous. Maybe you're exhausted. Not focused. And another day goes by when you're not getting all of the things done that you want to, the way you want to. But that's about to change.


okay.... My friend wants 2 go 2 this concert with me.. and i want 2 go with her 2.. but the concert is in a really shady part of town... and my parents will be at a different concert... (for old people lol).... and we r like 15 and 16... so we can't drive ourselves that late u noe?.... and my friend 's older brother has a friend.. and he can take us 2 the concert.. but my parents want 2 talk 2 him b4 i go with him/... cuz they have never met him b4 and they don't want me 2 get into the car with some 19 year old kid they have never met and go 2 a shady part of town... Well.. I told my friend

(I promise)

I'm not Okay... And THAT is Okay....

MCR concert!!

I went to the MCR concert last night!... It was amazing... I realized something though... I have watched, read, and listened to so many interviews of MCR.. I guess... they kind of became fictional.. i never thought i would ever see them live.. or even be NEAR them.. but... I was VERY close to them... I was in the front... And when they came out.. i kind of realized that.. they were not fictional... They were real people... The epiphany i got is un- explainable... When your at home watching them... They seem so far away... and you think you will never see them in person.. and they become kind

Day 4- Favorite song off of Danger Days
Day 3- Favorite song off of The Black Parade
Day 2- Favorite song off of Three Cheers
GLENN BECK!!!! Tell me what u think of him.... ;-)

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PISSED RIGHT NOW!!!! MOTHERFUCKING ASS WIPE FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK!!!!!!! YOUUUUUUUUUYUUU11UUIOUOWEL;R MHLFJKSDGJAL;GVGMKBVXFCVM, XL;M XDLSADNACVXMZS... sry... i attacked my keyboard!!!!!..... If anybody has something to say about Glen Beck a.k.a... STUPID ASS MOTHERFUCKER... then PLEASE share your feelings about him... ;-)