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Rudness at school

So today I started school. And I was devistated by the rudeness of my friend!!!

Makeup artist

Using the facepaint kit I got when I was like 6, a little eye shadow, and makeup tips from Gerard I was able to Make a MCR makeup photo shoot. Try not to make fun of my hair too much... It was early and I was inspired

exterminate photo

I made an exterminate photo of myself using picnick but it wont let me set it as my profile pic... So here it is... Hopefully it will show up

Drummer Drama

Anyone else miss Bob in MCR.... I especially do since they need a new drummer :(

Killjoy Name

I finally figured it out!

My Killjoy name is: Bulletproof Hornet
My Gun is: Orange... With polka-dots :)
I have an: Orange vest with a star on the back

Am I missing anything???


Wow I really suck at blogging I just posted the same thing twice lol

New to bloging???

Ya know, I've never really had a blog before and I'm not sure what to write... Any suggestions?