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Band Review #1- Mindless Self Indulgence

Hello friends,
wow that was really corny... Anywho, I've decided your all sick and tired of hearing about my problems and cravings so I should just post other crap... Since I have almost no artistic talent compaired to some of you guys, I decided to review bands. My first one is Mindless Self Indulgence... Or Indulged... I'm not exactly sure which it is so just bear with me. They are the most weird, vulgar, and obnoxious band I have ever heard music from... AND I APPSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have such imaginations when it comes to cover art and videos.

Slush Puppies, Jolly Ranchers and Forbidden Love.

So I have this one friend who was kinda off again on again with this guy who I couldn't stand for about 3 years... Until now. I always knew this guy, Kevin, liked me. But he put on the whole "I hate you" act because he was with Jackie basically every other month.

My Town

If you read my blogs (which I doubt you do), you must've seen the blog about hating my school/ town for cutting field hockey... And I'm sure most of you, correct me if I am wrong, are perfectly okay with where they live... Well lets take a virtual tour of my town...
...A town where the fake mothers of young children actually have a special "EA" accent
... A town where people open cutsie little boutiques and bakeries on the side of Main Street because this town is so superficial
... A town where even the prettiest brunettes are outshined by even the trashiest blondes from our neiboring trash

Flashback Time

Lets all have a flashback to July 23rd. The day I was told national MCR day was on... It did not go as well as I intended, I mean, I didn't expect Black Parades and "Party Poison" beverages, but still. It was the same day as a friend's mother's funeral. So instead of wearing my MCR T-Shirt and the special MCRmy ID badge I made, I had to wear a dress and wake up at 5AM. Then after that, I had to volenteer at our local hospital because that's what I do every other Saturday of the year.


God! I downloaded the new version of iTunes and I dont think it gets anymore confusing then this... It transfers all the songs I BOUGHT from iTunes and not the ones I downloaded. And my iPod is really running out of room so I keep trying to delete songs and that little thing pops up and says blah blah blah we found songs on your iPod that aren't in iTunes so I sy "sure, transfer them... Maybe they're my CDs" well they're not... They're the songs that I am desperately trying to delete. Did I mention that the CD"s are still on my iPod? Its a really stupid system.

Wow... Really?

So I just logged into my profile and it finally changed my profile picture to the exterminate one. But only for the blogs and not for the overall giant picture I have which is still the spider... Really?


My school is so lame!!!!! We are the only school in the State that cut field hockey, the only sport that I actually like, so now I have to play it at the Boys & Girls Club, and the one that's in our town is a loud free- for- all with no organization. I used to go there everyday and I got bullied twice. Everytime I go in there the line is so long to sign in and the musty, sweaty, oxygenless air gives me a headache. Between the smell, the noise, and all the people in one place, I end up leaving with a friggin anxiety attack!!!!!! And guess what?

Oh by the way... (No pun intended)

I don't want to be one of "those" who uploads 2 statuses at the same time but in addition to Mikeys birthday, I just want to say happy anniversairy to MCR. I may not have been there from the start but if it wasn't for MCR I would have committ suicide by now. This band saved my life and still saves my life everyday and I am verry greatful for that.

Happy Birthday Mikey!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to wish Mikey Way a happy 31st Birthday!!!! I remember when Mikey was just a kid and now he's all grown up!!!!!

Mean People

I am very unhappy to report that my friend continues to irritate me like an infected zit thats been picked at... Has anyone ever been "tazed" on the neck? If you haven't, I envy you. I cannot let my friend walk behind me because she will "taze" me. Today her and her friend decided to gang up on me and each time one of them"tazes" me and I turn aroud to say "What the fuck?" the other one stands on the other side of me and "tazes" me again. I was in alot of pain and felt like crying... But killjoys don't cry.