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Update... I guess

Well I feel a little miserable right now because I'm tired and people can't seem to understand that I want to be an anti-social hermit. everyday my friends call me and they're all like "ZOMG WE HAVE TO HANGGGG!!!!' and im all like "No. Please let me be an anti-social hermit." but whatevs. I'm also pissed because I just saw the Bryan Stars interview with Never Shout Never and when Bryan started crying it broke my little heart... It just gave me another reason to hate those arrogent little fucks known as Never Shout Never. I don't feel like putting the video up so go look it up yourself.

Important MCR dates

Ya know what would be awesome? If I knew all the important MCR dates (i.e birthdays, anniversaries, Gerard being clean and sober). Ya know what else would be awesome? If you guys could tell me some so I can write them down! I just have a mental block with birthdays and stuff soooooo... Yeah. Thats why I have to write them down. Speaking of birthdays, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY!!!!!!!

How MCR Saved My Life

Although the girl in the video isn't me, I found it on youtube and thought I should share it... It's an awful sweet story that tells how this girl found happiness in MCR. It made me want to share how MCR saved me. I used to be unhappy with myself. I wasn't always mopey and miserable, but I just wasn't fully happy. That all changed that one day that I watched my first MCR video. They opened up a whole new world for me. They taught me how to be myself, how to not care about opinions, how to be different, how to work at things you love, how to go after my dreams.


Have you guys ever trolled on youtube in order to defend your favorite band? Well, I am right now and its actually quite fun being an asshole XD

Ideal Tour

So I was watching various videos about various bands since about 11:30 and it is now 2:33 am. These videos made me think about my personal ideal tour that I would pay $3,000 for just to sit in the front row of... That probably made no sense at all but, you know what I mean. I'm sorry, its 2:30am I'm tired, I'm slightly hungry,... Anywho, my ideal tour would include but is not limeted to the following

My Chemical Romance (DUH!)
Black Veil Brides
Mindless Self Indulgence
Blink 182
Green Day
Marilyn Manson
Cherri Bomb
Fit For Rivals
Icon For Hire
The Pretty Recklass (I don't know

Random Blog

Sup guys! It's really late and I feel like writting because if I don't write know, then I would have to get off the computer because I think i've acchieved the status of watching every fucking video on youtube and getting off the computer would require effort that I don't want to use. But yeah, my hair is in a ponytail so my shaved fail of a sidecut is blowing in the invisible wind. The hair that I shaved is almost a centimeter now!

Breakfast Club Victorious Remake

I am wasting time writting about this because I was sitting, watching television like every other normal person does and I was watching Victorious (even though I hate Victorious, but there was nothing else on). Well, they made a Breakfast Club Remake and it was possibly the biggest waste of time ever!!!!!!! None of the characters followed the characters in the Breakfast Club because there was one too many, they got stoned off of fucking TACOS, and instead of the character who was supposedly the criminal saying "FUCK YOU", the character who was supposed to be the princess said "FORGET YOU."

Bulletproof Hornet

I can honestly say that this is one of the best drawings that I have ever made... It's Bulletproof Hornet! Me as a Killjoy! Yes, I know that idon't have purple lips or long, orange hair, but i would if I was a Killjoy.

Possibly the Best Video on Youtube

Well, I've watched alot of videos on youtube... But this one basically wins hands down for best video. The song and the movie go perfectly together.

Black Veil Brides

Ok, so right now I REALLY love black veil brides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They're just so fucking awesome!!!!! Words cannot explain my admiration for them. I really like how they are not affraid of the haters and how they encourage kids not to care about haters and they should be confident in who they are. Plus, there songs are just... Just... Epic!!!!! Plus, I find this a bonus.