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joshuaskramzcaster's blog

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This one is a cover, but i have other originals on the channel. Check them out if you will and give me your thoughts c: thanks all.

Jo Battle Jr. part 2 c:

Lol there's the second part and the picture of me i almost forgot xp Anyways tell me what you think c: I may post lyrics later. Btw this song is fucking sad.

Hey guys, check out my band Jo Battle Jr. :3

We're an emo/ skramz band from Savannah, Ga. Tell me what you think of us :) this is part one of our set. The second part will be uploaded soon :p I'm the vocalist/ guitarist lol. Feedback is appreciated. c: also a picture of each of us individually

Hola compadres

So. I've made this new account. I used to be joshisanmcrfan (lolol) butttttt i've started fresh. soo yeah c: talk to me people. i wonder what the fans are like now compared to the ones like 4 years ago lol