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SCARRED (New song by me)


Once was pretty in an ugly way (La La La-La-La…)
But we let our own body decay…
Cut, abused an left with no charm

Dying in fear, that someone will tell
And I’ll end up on the detention lists
Oh Honey! No! I’m not killing myself-

What does not kill me only makes me stronger.
So LET IT BLEED- For a little while longer…
Taking a lot of blood-loss to the brain…
Oh it’s “just” DRIVING ME INSANE!!!

All stained, your sink rots
Blotched like an inkblot
Now watch the pain
Go down the drain

All these

BFF (Bad Fake Friend) (New song by me)

BFF (Bad Fake Friend)

Has gotta be someone out there like me
This world is way too pretty of a place
Somebody else has gotta be ugly…
I’m blinded by every damn face!!!

If I can forget what her body does…
Than I can cry at the funerals
So I close my eyes, because…
When I’m blind everyone’s beautiful

La! La! La! La La La... La! La! La! La-
I’ll take what I love, and do it better…
“Whoever you can do I can do wetter”
La La La… La! La! La! La La La... LA!

Halfway done cutting the cake
I find out you’re a fucking fake
It’s time to rip up your blouse
Well back to the Whorehouse

All the

Pandora's Box (The Punch Circle) (New song By me)

Pandora’s Box (The Punch Circle)

The Day I was Born- You’d think Dad would be awake.
“Happy Birthday to me.” Tell me why we mourn today-
“Was I a mistake? Was the rubber a fake?”
…Well either way- “I’M HERE TO STAY!!!”

During that Two-Hour Ambulance ride… Before I DIED
Before she said, “HONEYBOO I LOVE- how you’re dead”
“Now how much time has the Thing got?” (*Doctor, is that all you can take?*)
“Let’s do a few circles in the parking lot.” (*Burn out the Ambulance brakes*)

Deceased are taken to the bottom floor…
If you’re in good

Doll House (new song by me)

Doll House

They call it life, we call it hell
But we’re all just on the shelf
And who cares if we fall…
We’re merely little dolls!!!

Heard what we said? (“Dolls Don’t Lie!” I Lied.)
Someone yell surprise (Believe your eyes…)
Like the undead (Undead on the inside)
We’ll RISE!!! (RISE!!! RISE!!! RISE!!!)

All these needles raise the stakes up… (…HUSH...)
At night is when we come out to play… (Tee-Hee.)
An until the sun goes down we’ll stay… (…HUSH…)
Lifeless by day- *Chime* “…WAKE UP…” (Tee-Hee!)

Doll house of our dreams
Nowhere I’d rather go…
It’s every stitch and seam

The Following Finale (new lyrics by me)

well, after much thought and debate, at long last i'm finally posting my recent album of lyrics

Titled: The Following Finale

all about Lost Fairy-tales and Life's Hauntings

With inspiration from MCR, MSI, The Used all the way to DeadSpace 2 ads, the Anastasia music box and even the movie Black Swan, not too mention my sick imagination and personal experience

well all the songs finally are posted :)

any and all feedback is encouraged :) thank you very much :)

The Following Finale

Valentine's Ghost

Alice In Sanity (new song by me)

Alice In Sanity

Poor little girl, poor little girl
Just not enough for the world
She left to hide from reality
Poor little Alice, Alice In Sanity

One makes you kiss… and one gives you wrists… (Alice, Oh Alice)
We can’t take- stand- live in a world of humanity
She won’t miss nor be missed… (Alice, Oh Alice)
By any of reality, of REALITY!!!

Helpless for her own nightmares to find (La-La-La…)
Isolated in sanity, “If anyone can hear this…”
Locked away and gone out of her mind (La! La!! La!!!)
“Don’t even come to help… I AM FEARLESS!!!”

They dug her out of her own grave
Damned her away in

Anastasia (CANCER) (New Song By Me)

Anastasia (CANCER)

When your friends get the news, ignore how they react!!! (Close your eyes…)
Don’t listen to the doctors!!! Don’t listen to the facts!!! (WAKE UP!!!)
And if you WAKE UP ON THE OPERATION TABLE!!! (Close your eyes…)
It’s just a sign your VITALS ARE STILL STABLE!!!! (WAKE UP!!!)

Burned alive and back for more!
Who needs hair, we’ve got our hearts!
Inside each one of us is the cure-
Our survival rate’s OFF THE CHARTS!!!

It’s a lie-… Just one little white lie!!!
You won’t die… YOU WON’T DIE!!!
Look into my eyes… An… SMILE…

All those fluffy

Are We There Yet (new song by me)

Are We There Yet

Son, are you still staying alive?!
Or was this just a waste of a drive…
Check his pulse, Get his wrists sewn…
Puke the pills kid!! I want to go home!!!

Animal! We should be taking you to the vet!!!
Hope you didn’t swallow the whole spoon!!!
A suicide Doctor will make you soon…
Hush my darling… Don’t wake up yet…

Tell my sister you love her most… (Miss Me, Miss Me!)
…Partly ‘cause of my “overdose” (Miss Me, Miss Me!)
Although I’ve died… We’ll still be close…

As we carry you out of the car, people stare!!! (Giving

Fitting In (The Locker.) (new song by me)

Fitting In (The Locker.)

Who’s a reject with two thumbs?… (THIS GUY!!!)
“Your ugly face is a crime!!!” (HAHAHA!!!)
Barbie, you think I look dumb…(GO CRY!!!)

First day, locker’s already full of pests… (Nananananana!)
Fingernails stuck into Detention desks… (AAAHHH!!!)
“Welcome back to hell-LLO PRINCIPLE!!!” (…NA. NA. NA.)

“Saw you talking to the LOSERS! (Casts are SO last year!!!)
You’ll never make it onto cheer (Suicide is SO last year!!!)
You need to take to the USERS!

IF (new song by me)


I feel it deep in my gut (Quit it and shut up…)
I FAILed, no “but”s (Now SIT DOWN and SHUT UP!!!)
So take my wrists away (Put my wrists away)
No IF, since I have no say (If you’d just give me a say)

Angel over both your ears
Try sending me straight to hell
Devil over both your ears
I can stay alive… All by myself

Now I don’t care about (You told me to FUCK OFF)
All your excuses-can go… (Can go- “cough-Cough”)
OH SO, IF I SAID HELLO… (“he wet his…” I was your show an tell)
IF I ASKED YOU OUT!!! (Liar, Liar, pants on fire, go burn in hell!!!)

My blood turning blue…