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Happy Thoughts (And Bloody Stains) -New song by me

And now! Another song from my album The Broken Promises
This one was obviously inspired by Im Not Okay but is mostly comprised of my good old, original, Insanity style that i've come to love so much :3
So please tell me what you think! :)
thanks so much guys! <3 <3 <3

Happy Thoughts (And Bloody Stains)

[Dont say die, just be thinkin’ happy thoughts]
[Daisies, roses and smiley faces]
[So that means lie, “my condition can't be caught”]
[Crazy can't be contagious]


The Haunting Of Everafter Street (New song by me)

This song was written by my a LONGGG time ago, right when my writer's block was beginning, but during the process of my new album i found it (along with 2 other songs) and decided to adjust it (them) and include it (them) in my new album, so here's the first old one, an as you may see it's very different than the rest of the album, but still has its own unique message so read away :) pwease :3
Feedback is extremely appreciated like always! <3 <3 <3 :)


The Haunting Of Everafter Street

[Promises are sometimes severed]
[Love, I’ll be with you forever]

PG (New song by me)

And it's begun! I'm releasing songs again :)
this is the second song from my new album The Broken Promises
it was greatly inspired by Teenagers
Comments are extremely appreciated, it keeps me alive. an i love you guys! :)


[The fairy tales are gettin' old]
[Now working on wettin' poles]
[The Pinocchio of the real world]
[Wants to grow up to be a real girl]

She’s playing Truth-or-Dare every day (on her own...)
For the obscure possibility someone will say

Well, i'm back :) after a long break, writers block, emotional issues, giving up, and trying again, i'm back :)

and i've been working alot on some new songs to get myself back on my feet, so far i've got around 19 songs in the works and am hoping to cut the album down to the best 10 are so, and maybe actually get in a band and start making music for them! :D

This is a preview of the new album, The Broken Promises (inspired by Black Parade, Three Cheers, and a bit of other stuff
(Chiodos, The Used, Get Scared and even The Dark Knight!)
which is all about, well, broken promises, mental

The Joker (T.I.M.M.Y.) new song by me

The Joker (T.I.M.M.Y.)

[…So Innocent. Timmy. Such an Innocent name…]
[T.I.M.M.Y.… This “INNOCENT” May Murder You.]

Society may call him sick…
But THEY’RE The Epidemic!
He’s The Joker!! Just The Joker!!
“So laugh away until you CHOKE!!!”

Don’t hide In Humanity.
They’ll follow your cries
To us… Living In… Sanity.

With a prick to our skin, the pain’s been recreated!!!
Pick up the Vaccine from under the beetles…
Can’t you see we need to be sedated…
Just for our fear of needles!!!

Oh honey… Everybody had heard shouts

CREEP (New song by me)


[A suicide song, Dedicated to you!!! (You left your fingerprints around the noose.)]
[Who helped me, out of my Depression (It turned out that the rope was LOOSE!!!)]
[Then making sure I learned the lesson (It’s wrong to kill me while I’m a wreck…)]
[Cut me, until I was black an blue!!! (You left your fingerprints around my NECK!)]

Must’ve left quite a DEEP CUT…
You shut me away from my sheep
Took my life right out of my “But”
Now I’m just a GUTTED CREEP!!!

Am I invisible?… They just don’t see… (Not a Ghost… Out of Reach…)
But they still know where to cut me

SANE (In An Inkblot) new song by me

SANE (In An Inkblot)

[What. Do. You. See.]

“Tell me what you see in these spots” (Stains…)
Well, I see myself… Don’t we all?… (La-La La-La!)
My Self-portrait is an INKBLOT!… (STAINS!…)
Oh mirror, mirror on the wall… (LA-LA LA-LA…)

[La… La-La!… La-La!… La…]

Today, I let my regret down the drain… (SANE…)
I may be on my own but I’m still sane!!! (SANE…)
Tomorrow, I will forget my pain… (Na…Na…Na…)
Even on my own…I’ll stay SANE!!! (Na-Na… NA!!!)


Comatose. Asking in Morse code, “Should they even revive me?”
Life Expectancy measured by, “The amount of

MISSING (New song by me)


[…Once upon a time…]

(…“There Were Once-”)
Fairy-Tales that told us, “It’ll all be okay” (“There are No monsters in the closet”)
Stuffing children Full of Lies… (The Tooth Fairy left a dishonest deposit…)
Mothers smothering them into slow prey (Being given So many “Another-Try”s)

[*Children Crying*]

…As our World’s ending… We stop an stare…
Seeming Unaware Of WHAT’S JUST BEGUN…
Facing our worst fears by hiding anywhere…
While ghosts warn us, “WAKE UP AN RUN”…

Humanity has not been very nice…
Who are WE to call the

Straitjacket (A Mandatory Hug.) new song by me

Straitjackets (A Mandatory Hug.)

[Remember the “Lovers”- There’s nowhere I won’t go.]
[Innocent games children play- Hide And- Touch My No-No!]
[Us under the covers- Did it scar me?… I …Don’t know]

(“You Look Like You Need A Hug…”)

They told me!!! They really, really told me!!! (Red STAINS!!!)
Now, not even the Straitjacket can hold me!!! (Dead-Pains…)
I hate to say I told you so. BUT YOU KNOW THE REST.

It’s only funny until Brain function gets lost…

-PLAY- (Dementia) New song by me

-PLAY- (Dementia)

This is the… Fairy-tale… True Story… Record… of a Little boy with a Big imagination.

(-PLAY- )

[I walked through the hallways using my binder as a gun]
[…It’s always-… It’s always-…]

They laughed at his Arts and Crafts (La La-La La-La La…)
Pushed and Pulled his heart in half (La LA-LA LA-LA LA!)
Sanity was slipping away ALL ALONG
On a Merry-Go-Round GONE WRONG


Make sure to bring a gas-mask to the sleepover (Kind of you to offer your last flask!)
Precautions of an outbreak of “Fart-On-His-Face” (Epidemic!