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Story Of The Broken Heart (Story Of An Angel) (New song by me)

This is the second song of the mini album- To Become A Lullaby
there's alot going on in this song including a hidden story of what might have happened to the Anonymous Angel of the previous song
So read up, and make your own interpretations!
lemme know what you think!
THANK YOU!!! <3 <3 <3

Story Of The Broken Heart (Story Of An Angel)

[This is the story of the broken heart. And this is the story of an angel under autopsy.]
We call ourselves cynical, cynical an so- so sarcastic
The mess kids meet in the end

An Anonymous Angel (The Organ Donor) (New lyrics by me)

And it begins! again... :3
Here's the first lyrics of my mini album - To Become A Lullaby
Reads are HUGELY appreciated :) tell me watchya think :)

An Anonymous Angel (The Organ Donor)

Dear stranger, I never even knew your name
But our blood type must have been the same
Oh, you could not imagine all the pain I was in
Yet thanks to you I’ve got again blushing skin!

My parents just can’t pay since
All their money goes straight to the treatments
So we’re ever so grateful you donated your hair to cancer patients

All My Lyrics (Updated)

here are all my shitload lyrics to date :)
(More in the process after my writers block goes away again :P )

Thanks soo much for your feedback, it really means so much to me :)
these songs are all i've got, the feedback i get from you guys keeps me alive :)


Album title-
True Love: The Madness

Dolly!!! DON’T YOU HEAR THE SIRENS? (Dolly! And The Soldier!)


The Mask Charade (Of Us Monsters)

Gone In Sane (Coming Back Soon) (New song by me)

The last song of the new album, The Broken Promises, B side, The Lost Patients, is finally posted!
Please let me know whatchya think!!! :)
thank you so much! :D

Gone In Sane (Coming Back Soon)

[Nobody’s Home.]

I’ve gone IN SANE!!! (I’VE GONE IN SANE!!!)
Caught in my rotten brain (I’VE GONE IN SANE…)
Stuck under my skin until now (…I’VE GONE IN SANE!!!)
I’VE GOTTEN OUT!!! (HE’S gone away… I’ve GONE IN SANE!!!)

[Giving a new name to Insane]

Being left to decompose in the glove locker (I’m NOT OKAY)
Isn’t supposed to be

Darling Disfigurement, Sarcasm’s True Identity (New song by me)

One of the last songs of the bsides,
lemme know what you think :)
thanks :D
Darling Disfigurement, Sarcasm’s True Identity

[“You look fine… I promise”]

These whores’ breasts are bigger than Silicone Valley
Wouldn’t know love even if it raped them in an alley
So I found one whose only fake trait was personality
Preordering her, so I could skip the hearse formality

I once had an artificial camera of a wife
But the mutilations still show up in black and white
Put on the lens cap from the sight of me in

MUTE. (New song by me)

Here's another song from the Side B of my new album
one of my favs, tell me watchya think :D
thanks :D

[You’ve got to let it out, not keep it inside]
[Yell every chance you’ve got]

Did breathing deeply leave his lungs too charred an his throat pill-needing
Only halfway through eating his heart out… Did he notice it was still beating!
Did he bite his tongue too hard… It swelled so much his mouth just stayed shut
And when he spilled his guts… THAT WAS THE LAST SOUND

Lucy’s New Hand (Case 13) (new song by me)

This song is one of my more unique songs, with many possible interpretations and no actual chorus :3
and feedback please :)
thank you! :)

Lucy’s New Hand (Case 13)

[“Case 13- A young girl became under the delusion that she was being followed”]

Were we one or did I stalk her as she slept
But she won't fall in love since I watch her step
Honey, all I wanted was to let you to know
You’re my everything… An everything must go

I used to be such a nice guy-guy-GIRL-guy
Before I took

Asphyxia (Momma’s Boy) (new song by me)

Hello again! here's my third song in the B side of my new album
tell me whatchya think :) THANK YOU!!! <3 <3 <3

Asphyxia (Momma’s Boy)

[You’re holding my breath with every wrinkle]

A breathtaking sight… Seein’ your breathin’ tubes
The device used for something so easy… Everyone left takes it for granted
So while you’re coughin’, I’ll chop ‘em up in cubes
Killin’ until the Wake, the aim’s all the priests, before your coffins planted

For me, “all you can eat”’s whatever’s walkin’ the streets at noon
But for you, it’s whatever they

And for the second song of the new album, The Broken Promises's B side, the first of The Lost Patients
Please tell me what you think :) it's very appreciated :)

Mommy Mortician (With All These Mouths To Feed Humanity Will Go Extinct In Days)

[Cannibalism’s been around since before religion!]

Cook the casket… It’s just a grill… (EAT UP!)
Toss some more spices on the kill!!! (EAT UP!)
We’ll splice the film of the funeral- (EAT UP…)
With one from the food channel! (EAT UP!!!)

Shaking, convulsing from what's pulsing through my black veins

Welcome To The Sanitarium (new song by me)

And now, the first of the album's, The Broken Promises, B-sides, titled The Lost Patients. this B-side is all an introduction to the imaginary band that i have in my head and am hoping to make real soon :D
The sanitarium is my Black Parade
a good amount of metaphors in this song, it's one of my more poetic ones
Well enjoy :3
and tell me whatchya think :)

Welcome To The Sanitarium

[Happiness is a just needle away]
We’ll carry on happily ever after all the pain has passed away