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Feed Us! (New song by me)

This is another song off my new album True Love: The Madness
This is also inspired by Blood, Mama and Dead and is probably my most offensive and disgusting song :D
lemme know whatchya think :D

Feed Us!


Don't let your pre-baby's lungs breathe…
…We can even use the fetus blood!!!
Make an aqueduct and we’ll feed a flood
All it takes is a hanger to help the Hungry
Don't you dare waste your abortion-
The heart alone will save a large Portion!

Why would you waste a fucking meal
Especially if it’s TASTY FUCKING VEAL

Let what does not matter slide… Out of your hole!
Rather than give twenty dollar rides out on a pole
Adoption?! Doc?! Is that the best you can give?!

There's another option than adoption

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The Mask Charade (Of Us Monsters) (New song by me)

This song was completely inspired by the video game The Darkness 2 (WHICH IS FUCKING AWESOME) which gave me this amazing feeling of power, evil, and lost love, so i tried to recreate those things in this song as well as an Opposite-Black-Parade theme
Lemme know if i succeeded :)


The Mask Charade (Of Us Monsters)

Her ghost begs me to dance with her, lovely devil I mourn her
But before I have a chance she’s disappeared behind a corner
And all that ever, ever remains…
Is her shadow’s sick yellow stain

I see her through the window, she says she’s in a masquerade
In a happy place, a sanitarium, says was led by a black parade
I see her through the window, she says she’s in a masquerade
In a happy place, a sanitarium, says was led by a black parade

Even when she tries to stab my eye with an unsterilized needle
I know when I blink it will be in my hands… And she’ll be gone…

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Harlequins… (New song by me)

Here's the second song from my new album True Love: The Madness
This song is inspired by Thank You For The Venom and Teenagers
Again, thank you guys SO MUCH for all your feedback and support :)
Without you, no one would read my songs, and without my songs, i'd have nothing...
Love u guys! <3



Please stick another needle in my vein- Quick! (Harlequins)
Fuel sweet revenge, we’re insane an laughin’ (Harlequins)
‘Cause we’re what happens (THANK YOU!) (Harlequins.-)
When “Cute” turns “SICK.” (THANK YOU!) (Harlequins!!)

[I may be a joke-A joke- But you’re in the punch-line!!!]
[As I told you in the asylum at the lunch-line]

Mother! I’m socially awkward, when we talk it’s not heard
Looking for a little brother in the maternity-stalk-ward…
Mother! I’m socially awkward, when we talk it’s not heard
Looking for a little brother in the maternity-stalk-ward…

Here's the first song of my new album True Love- The Madness

This song was greatly inspired by Black Parade, specifically Mama, Dead and Blood
It's a bit long, but i'd really appreciate the read and some feedback on whatchya think :)

THANKS :D <3 <3 <#

Dolly!!! DON’T YOU HEAR THE SIRENS? (Dolly! And The Soldier!)


“In trenches I’ll teach you my new Dolly… Your mission”
My Dolly is gonna die with me… DOLLY!!! DOLLY!!! DOLLY!!!
At night… He lullabies me to sleep… DOLLY!!! DOLLY!!! DOLLY!!!
While crawling through ashes we call- our brothers in arms-
“DOLLY! DOLLY!! DOLLY!!! Run!!!! Don’t you hear the alarm!!!!!” [*Siren* Dolly-eee-Dolly-eee]
So we’ll both get more stitches…From The Magician!!! [*Siren* Dolly-eee-Dolly-eee-Dolly-eee]
Dolly- Dolly-

I Hope this telegram reaches
The pope who preaches
Of a god that loves each man
From my bloody hands!

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Lullaby (New song by me)

One final song to the album- To Become A Lullaby, consider it a hidden song :3
this one was obviously greatly inspired by Mama, with a bit of Blood and Cancer
Tell me watchya think :D
thank you! i appreciate it so much! <3 <3 <3

[After the I.V.’s stuck in my skin [MAMA!!! MAMA!!! MAMA!!!]
And I’m told I’m not gonna die [WE’LL LIVE FOREVER AS A LULLABY!!…]
Nurse will you still tuck me in [TURN OFF THE LIGHT at the end of the tunnel…]
…AND SING ME A LULLABY!] [MaaaaaAAAAMAAAAaaaa!!!] [To the tune of the siren…]

“There once was a boy
Who always would cut
Taken out of this world
Harvested for his guts
But reborn as a girl
One with no toys
And she wanted friends
Who were all annoyed
So she found no joy
Until reaching the end
Of her quick journey
Sick on a gurney”

[Well I may not have any hair
But still got my teddy bear] [Mommy-eep-beep-beep-beep-beeEEEE-MOM]

The benefit to being a child

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To Become A Lullaby (New album by me)

Here is my new mini album - To Become A Lullaby
it follows a disconnected story and somewhat tells you the steps on how to become a lullaby
so tell me whatchya think :) comments are, like always, hugely appreciated :)


To Become A Lullaby


An Anonymous Angel (The Organ Donor)

Story Of The Broken Heart (Story Of An Angel)

The Orphanage (Reborn)

Caroline (The Theatre)

Am I A Ghost (In The Flesh)

Undead Silence (The Carnival)

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Undead Silence (The Carnival) (New song by me)

And finally! the last song in the mini album- To Become A Lullaby
This is the ending to the album's story, take it how you choose :)
This song is my "If famous last words was in Three Cheers" :3
So please read and comment :) tell me watchya think :)
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
You guys keep me alive, i hope i can return the favor one day :)

Undead Silence (The Carnival)

Break the dead silence… By using your lungs…
If you feel alone… You’re just among-

Those are the warnings on the radio
An when the floor boards an beams sing

Now these clowns say a “Chemical imbalance” scars us all… (WE’LL ESCAPE!) (WE’LL ESCAPE!)

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Am I A Ghost (In The Flesh) (New song by me)

And now another song in the mini album - To Become A Lullaby
continuing the mini album's story with a theme i've tried to write on for a while now and that i'm sure many of us are familiar with, feeling ignored
So tell me watchya think :)
Love ya guys :) <3

Am I A Ghost (In The Flesh)

You would make us all stare but
Only if you had a better hair-cut
You’d be SOOOO fucking hot
If you weren’t afraid of shots
I’d think you were more sexy
If you didn’t ALWAYS text me
You’d be really cute
You’d be really cute
If. (You weren’t you)
If. (You weren’t you)
If. (You weren’t you!)
If (You weren’t you…)
If! (You weren’t you!!!)
IF! (You weren’t you!!!)
[“You know, you look like that guy… You know… The ugly one.”]

I see you but I’m see through, that’s the only explanation that pertains

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Caroline (The Theatre) (New lyrics by me)

Now! This is the heart of the mini album- To Become A Lullaby
My favorite song of the mini album by far
It's feel is kinda like Mama and The Ghost Of You, but lyrically it's inspired by a movie called Dead Silence and a game series called Silent Hill
it has a large twist near the end that people were only able to get after i made some editing so i hope i edited enough for the twist to be perfectly obvious but not too obvious
(The uploaded picture is artwork i drew for the song to help people with the twist a bit, unfortunatly it's kinda blurry)
so tell me what u think of the song and what u think is the twist, and i'll letchya know if ya got it (although of course it's all to your own interpretation :) )
so thanks for reading :) <3 u guys!


Caroline (The Theatre)

...You won't take her away from me!!
We're allowed to play make believe!!

Lil Caroline is all mine!!!
An no one will ever take my doll

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The Orphanage (Reborn) (New lyrics by me)

Here's the third song of the mini album- To Become A Lullaby,
A bit similar to the previous song but halfway through the mini album this song continues the story in a controversial way, interpret how you please :)
and PLEASE read and comment :)
i appreciate it so much! in the real word i've got nothing, but on this site ive got an MCRmy behind me! i love you guys! <3

The Orphanage (Reborn)

“You… Are... Cynical, so cynical!” (“We gave you a home!!!”)
Still sarcastic with A thinnin’ pulse (SAVE ME!)
“You… Are… PARANOID, SO PARANOID!” (“Now go chew your bone.”)
Just enjoy, stay there ‘til you’re employed (BEHAVE!)

“You’re just begging for the big bad wolf to scratch that itch”
She’s the three little Piggies, Whore, Slut and Bitch
Send her to her womb! Lock the whore in
She’s just a homesick abortion…

“You… Are... Cynical, so cynical!”