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not gettings many comments :P

so i post stuff on here, an i know you cant expect everything to get read.
but i post lyrics and songs i make hoping for some feedback, an i do get some once in a while, but im wondering how i can get more feedback on my stuff? :) cause i wanna practice and improve but to do so i have to have feedback :P lol

thanks :)

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(here are some stuff of mine if you wanna check em out lol)


my "dead" song :P

This song is a mix of old Freestyles and new Freestyles, put together to make a song with the "Dead" song theme . enjoy, and feedback please :D (i made this in not even 20 minutes so it might not be that great) (there are many metaphors an things subject to opinion, what did you think when reading this?)

we're all dying very slowly,
sometimes it takes almost a hundred years
are you afraid death?
well baby, it's time to face your fears

in the hospital day and night pumping a pool of blood
causing what might have been a puddle but became a flood
but she can still fight

"life is a journey just to get you on the gurney"

fav: "the ambulance only comes after the accident, even if it wasnt an accident after all"

"been to the cemetary so many times it feels like home
so im going to bed let me just get under the covers"

"whats a miracle, when its just in a dream?"

Version A "such a beautiful funeral to bad it's not for me"

Version B "the funeral is beautiful to bad the corpse isnt yet dead,
but dont worry she will be soon when the oxygen leaves her head"

version C "what a beautiful funeral i cant wait for mine"

"and will you have the guts to say
doctor i'll have


update in the site homepage:
"In the next few weeks we are also going to start running a series of contests that will be a ton of fun for all of us. I know I have a one or two shirts with my name on them that could use a new home to give up for prizing."

OMG OMG OMG!!!! i hope a win a visit from Gerard Way lol... i hope i win anything :P lol
but omg!! i cant wait for these contests (which i presume are gonna be music related lol)
if i win a trip to see Gerard and convince him to let me be his protege!! that would Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
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ke me ecstatic !!!! :D :D

thinking of making a band, any tips?

so i might be able to possibly be in a band if god does not fuck it up this time
do you guys have any musical advice? :)

example of how unlucky i am

unlucky stuff that goes on in my life

just from past five minutes:
internet wont work, it randomly turns on and off
i cant write responses to blogs on my computer for some reason
i cant even put up a picture of my onto my profile
stepped into a toilet overflow in my socks
my ipod fucked up an it keeps shaking
my comp is too fucked up to let me respond to emails by simply pressing respond

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wierd "stProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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pops up in many of my blogs

past years:
in a shit school full of dumbass (my parents

can you see my pic?

so i recently gave my profile a profile picture i think, but i cant see it. it just shows me a small sqaure or "johnschwarcs' picture"
. can you tell me if you see it?

can you see my pic?

so i recently gave my profile a profile picture i think, but i cant see it. it just shows me a small sqaure or "johnschwarcs' picture"
. can you tell me if you see it?

should i really have hope

nothing ever goes my way. no joke. im so unlucky that i cant even comment on these blogs (idk why theres some glitch on my profile i guess, it just wont let me). my dream is to sing and make songs like MCR's to become the next Gerard Way. but all my "friends" (/assholes) tell me that i suck. and nothing ever works my way, i cant even make a band because i dont know enough people (im forced to go to a private school). iProxy-Connection:Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
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decided a while

oh no,.. this happens to everyone....

well , i hate my life!! :D and nothing ever works out the right i want it to, or even how it should.
so i found a blog site that i actually like (MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE YAY) lol,
and guess what?!
(asshole) god, wont let me even have this! something fucked up and now it wont let me respond to blogs , it just sends it back into editing automatically (coincidentally started right after i wrote a huge response to a blog). so FUCK. but nProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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, if god doesnt hate me then this must happen to everyone right?? FML