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Paying My Dues (new song by me)

Paying my dues

All these thoughts come at you spontaneously without saying ready or set
Until you’ve entirely lost your head and lose at solitary Russian roulette
And if you aren’t successful enough, there’s no way you can even forget
You’ll always see the silhouette of you laying on the floor with sleeves wet

The day after spending the whole night with hospital staff
Is way too corrupted by delight and all the forced laughter

They stitched her up, but her hearts still been torn in half
And her new suspected expiration date is low on the graph

The hospital beds

Trust The Crazies (new song by me)

Trust the crazies

The world is how you see it, can you see
Reality is only perception of one’s personality
Misled frantic emotion or simple romantic morality
Can stitch the difference between paranoia and insanity

A magician calls me up, ‘cause he needs a volunteer
And diary, I’m the lucky one, I’m just the lucky one
Puts me in a box, smiling from ear to ear
He promises me, he honestly swears
Relax dear boy you have nothing to fear
Until I feel my stomach start to tear
I guess he failed to their delight
But don’t you worry, it’s alright
Sure, I

Still Owe Me Half My Heart (new song by me)

Still owe me half my heart

Such metaphorical loveliness
Must just be miraculous love
Forsaken down from the above
No danger sign so she’s enough
She’s an angel, my ‘lil angel on earth
I guess heaven just did not want her

If you asked me, what dreams have you been in
I would tell you, oh baby, where should I begin

Baby tell me about how you love me
But how you are socially so above me
And if I am lucky you might even hug me
Seconds before freaking out how I’m so ugly

I honestly don’t have any idea of what to say
When I see you practicing for this masquerade
I know

Bloody Note (new song by me)

Bloody Note

If she didn’t write this bloody note
Nobody would ever even know
Although they all took turns stealthily peeking through the keyhole
Just to make sure she didn’t attain any spontaneous self-control

All people would say was just “it’ll all get better, it’ll all get better”
Until they decided it enough was enough and to just forget her

The sickness in her stomach just won’t leave, no matter how much she bleeds
And there is emptiness forming in her chest from where her heart is leaking

She’s numb in the eyes, and numb in the heart

endless possibilites (new song, ) feeback please!!!

hello there, my little, pretty, butterfly
tell me who notices how hard you try
an if you can not escape your cocoon
then they will find you suffocated soon

don’t buy an acne medication, lil’ retard it’s just a waste
because, I promise you’re beautiful just the way you are
is that the reason it’s so hard for you look me in the face

So say those words that bleed me
And milk my love, but believe me
one type of cut that does not heal
things you’re seeing are very real

you have been hugging me with pesticide
my whole life’s “I love you” has been a lie

with booze on your breath
abuse leaves nothing

The After Bath (new song :) )

new song - The After Bath

take it how you want it too, it should mean different things to everyone
(tip for understanding it- the main character (changes from, You, to I, to Him, etc) is in some verses the murderer and in some verses the victim. just thought that might be confusing if not explained :)

The After Bath

No scream shatters through the night
There’s no reliable evidence of a fight
And after all the murderer was right
He promised he’d show you the light

Take a bath in blood
To wash off the mud
You seem sad, but clean

The Lonely One (new song by me :) ) tell me what you think :) :)

my new song
so far down, deep down below
farther then anyone could go
a little boy is sitting
staring at his horns
mirror shows his teeth gritting
wishing that he could be born
but mankind deemed it fitting
that he'd have his limbs torn


what about the demon boy
what about the one
what about the demon boy
who cant ever see the sun
what about the demon boy
where the boy comes from
there are no childrens toys
an there's no source of fun

End of chorus::

last time he was allowed up there
the hornless people were scared
even after they all

the empty swinging merry go round (short new song) feedback please! :)

here's the song :)

you are swinging from the swing-set
alone, from a rope around your neck
teachers found you, and cashed in their bets
sighing "too bad, these swings are wrecked"

won't desecrate the opposite day
words wisely picked "at least it was quick"
they don't wait for tomorrow to say
"i admit, that i didn't think he'd really do it"

no, they won't turn their backs
won't look down at the cracks
today they just cannot look away
just stand and stare at your face
it is too great of an opportunity to waste
even actions of promising opposite day

When you can't catch yourself (My song, official final version release)

Title: When you can't catch yourself

dear, would you promise me sincerely
you will not ever let the bedbugs bite
the consequences could be severe
they have got quite an appetite

There is Ambien poison filled inside the little critters
at first nibble the medication will give you the jitters
success in her "felo-de-se" commitment will occur
unless you can get the ambulance to transfer her

Good night, good night (Good-bye, good-bye)
Please kiss me good night (Please kiss me good-bye)
Sleep tight, sleep tight (You gave up the fight)

You were playing with my life
Press A to equip a

this corner is reserved for me! (NEW SONG) (quicky)

This is a short song i wrote, about high school

this high school madhouse
drama ain't what it about
rouse around like clowns
so go laugh and shout
you'll tuck in your shirt
the whole way around
past the knees your skirt
and if a kid falls down in the dirt
don't pick 'em up, what daddy will say
is to simply just point, laugh, and play
because it is NOT found fun an games
'til someone gets hurt "hip hip hooray!"

don't tell daddy how you've felt
or you are gonna feel the belt
hell breaks lose and it melts
cause parents always pelt

when your own home