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The Flower With No Petals (new song)

The flower with no petals

Remember when I handed you those flowers in front of the whole school
Hoping you’d take me down from this tower, I was dreaming like a fool
But I guess, my breath of true love just wasn’t enough for you
So then this news of death must not be very rough on you

I wouldn’t even ask if I could just stop by to say hello
‘Cause I know that the answer would be No! No! No! No!
So drown me, just drown me, by your school pool party
Without a sound, it’s just too hard on fools like me

Who else would want you to not be drunk
Think of you more then just a

Sewer Stains (new song)

Sewer Stains

I am never coming back
I’m just like these dirty scraps
This is my final act
I don’t want your phony claps
You’ve taken for granted
What you just cant

Cold streets, all alone
Cold feet to go home
Hold me tightly in your arms
After I set off the house alarm

Or just shove me out and lock the door
Fine, I’m prepared for what’s in store
I’m not at all what you take me for
Good luck doing my dirty chores

And while you wave and say goodbye
I know you’re smiling on the inside

They don’t want a rebel like me, I’ve had it with them too, so farewell
It’s twelve A.M.

The Wrong I.V. (new song)

The Wrong I.V.

The un-obedient adolescent needs to get his blood drawn
So give all the little children’s eager hands bendy straws
‘Cause it’s a man eat man world out there
And he’s lucky if only his ex girlfriends stare
But this is a grand opportunity to teach the little devils to share
Your meat is their meat, be an example for kiddies, it’s only fair

Nurse, you brought her the wrong I.V.
Now you get to watch her bleed all night, while I sleep
But there isn’t a lot to see, since if you brought the right I.V.
You would have gotten to witness her fluid leak much longer


Drowning The Clowns (new song by me)

Drowning the clowns

You just have to laugh to ease the pain
That is why you find me laughing every day
From every joke or threat, no matter how cliché
I’ll laugh till I get light headed, just to hold my weight

His little shattered heart just needs a brace
So overused, almost like cut and paste
“Love” has finally been put in its place
A bin with bolded letters that spell “waste”

He’s just so pathetic, even his own girl walked home
Now he’s stuck playing Russian roulette all alone

He’s already suffered his mid-life crisis nine long years ago
Time is up,

A Rose Amongst The Weeds (new song by me)

A rose amongst the weeds

My eyes are always staring, have you noticed
Begging you to share your gift, oh it’s hopeless
I may not be on your “to do” list
But I just want you to know this

It’s healthy to have these hopes and dreams
Even it seems they will never come true
Just know that I still believe
One day I will be with you

Without you with me I can’t seem to get any sleep
Even after eighty six thousand and four hundred damn sheep
And still counting, jeez, I could even make a farm
I think to myself as I stare at the ceiling, waiting for the alarm


The Last Masquerade (new song by me)

The last masquerade

My half empty cup is overflowing
While my ignorance is all knowing

If I ask for help I will just get double time therapy
A living emotional hell, that isn’t even fair for me

Then the depression caused adolescent genocide
Self inflicted wrist slits that they just cannot hide

Romance with no emotion left inside
No one even slightly considers suicide
In a world where nobody is left alive
That’s a very impressive compromise

It’s quite funny how life itself kills you
Just like venom, the emotion fills you
And as blood it spills out, cough

Teenage Butchers (new song by me)


It was love at first sight
Oh how so shallow
Or laugh at first sight
And to the gallows
So slowly devouring these pills all night
Another every hour, time to go swallow

So now, just how far would you go
As my chemically romantic Romeo
How so tragic, you went so far from you
But who would stand up and say I knew
Well now she’s gone an all along
We were all so wrong, so wrong
So far from saving you
So far from the truth

There is something I’m seeing in my evil eye
You’re just not enough, better luck next time
Truth is your ruthless little high

Running From the Mirrors (new song by me)

Running from the mirrors

This heart beat I hear
Is music to my ears
Don’t let it succumb
To adolescent fears

Light flickering, bright lights flickering
Mirror’s reflection is oh so sickening

So face your fears
An tell me what you see
Whisper in my ears
Wasted bleeding arteries

So close, yet I cannot use what I find
My tongue is refused by my mind
So close, to water that smells divine
And to dehydration at the same time
I've been put in my place
Waiting patiently for my hearse
Sweat drips down my face
And I'm just so god damn thirsty
It’s such a sad pathetic waste

Stapled Open Eyelids (new song by me)


Hush my darling just close your eyes
Only the bedbugs can hear your cries
Thanks but there’s no need to turn off the light
I will be staring at this ceiling all damn night

When you can’t sleep at night
Life is exactly how it seems
Can you imagine what it’s like
To have no, have no dreams

Constant communications effect in her head’s reality dead end
Making the thought of unconsciousness just laughably insane
Insomnia dissects her until her mental energy is fully drained
Hallucinations will populate her futile ability to comprehend

Those Little White Pills (new song by me)

Those little white pills

I’m just so sick of those little white pills
I can swallow up and drown in all the tears
But the gurgling sounds won’t stop my peers
These pills will fill me up until I’m killed

Please don’t murder me with your rumors an your little white lies
In this television reality drama based on superficial teenage lives
It’s called High School Homicide
Hope to hell that you’ll survive

On a bathroom mirror is written just the rhyme, lives kill, oh lives kill
I guess he was in a hurry and had no time for a will, no time for a will

And if