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The Things You Think You Know (new song by me)

The Things You Think You Know

Rain, rain, wash all the ghosts away
They shouldn’t appear in plain day

They all regret loving me; I’m in debt for all the blood I gave
Being buried too deep in the mud, but I don’t want to be saved
Just let me fall into the grave, for what you believe was my motive
But when you find out the truth, all I ask is please don’t forgive me

What about the unknown ghosts in my mind
The remnants of memories you won’t find

There is a reason; I promise it’s no disease Hun
So why are you staring from what you presume
Teasing patients with the

It's A Love Song, Get Over It (new song by me)

It’s A Love Song, Get Over It
(yea, that's the title, lol)

I’m chilled down to the spine
I don’t know what she expects
She must have seen the signs
How I end my goodbyes with “X”

You want just one harmless kiss
It’s the only thing left on your bucket list
And it’s already on your fuck-it list
But you’re not dead yet and there she is

Stuck in the friend zone
Everything went so fucking wrong
Her lips are the end zones
Her arms are where you belong

The girl you won’t admit you love
She says goodbye and sure it’s snug
But you want more than just a hug
Go for it now before you’re

Mirror Mirror (new song by me)

Mirror Mirror

When I look at myself in this motel mirror, what the hell do I see
Oh, farewell, it’s time for the three cheers for a sweet autopsy

I see the hatred in your eyes so feel free to scrutinize
I’m a piñata, and if you win my insides are your prize
Trick or treat, eating me alive like candy, “cannibalism finally decriminalized”
You’re Mr. Pinocchio with a cold and I am so damn sick of all these pitiful lies

My maniac meanings leave me leaning towards insanity
I’ll be guest starring on Hannity advertising the war on gore
I’m on the gore side of course, after all those

Midnight Alarm

Midnight Alarm

These bloody waters are like my bed
I’m pulling the covers over my head

I’m here in this fucking hospital and they wont let me out
I’m stuck in the mortuary, speculating what all this is about
I can’t even tell where the hell I am, from the contradictory shouts
But I know I’m not in heaven, because there are no puffy white clouds

We, here in the mortuary, prefer to share our air
Because we’re just much more caring and fair

Trapped in my claustrophobic room bleeding all night
Laying motionlessly without any visitation-rights
Trapped in my

Blood Runs Deep

Blood runs deep

They say that blood runs deep
Well, I managed to get mine out
Phenomenally I was able to find a spout
I let it leak just for you as I finally went to sleep

You were never ever here for me
And you never shed a tear for me
Do you remember me, ‘cause I remember you
Oh the memories, and what you put me through

Did you know, I constantly ask myself
Did I ever have a brother
Would I ever get another
Just where the hell did my first one go

And that empty room
Would be flooded soon
I wonder why my fantasies never came true
Everyone that slept there was never you


All Or Nothing (new song)

All or nothing

You told me to just give up
Well, I did again and again
Remember when I opened the lids
And I know that I will never live up
I wont even pretend to reach in the end
A fifth of what you condemned me with

You tell me not to dream, so I swallowed a few doses just to doze off in spite
I only seem to see clear with my eyes closed, only then things seem right

Father will you even look at me
You shook your head, I know, I’m dead to you
And what you took from me
All the pills in the medication trail led to you

And if you were right, and it all goes to hell
Instead of sleeping

Ashes To Ashes (new song)

Ashes To Ashes

Life collapses, your mind relapses
And then it all comes falling down
Screaming out of your constantly chapped lips
Sworn you heard laughing as you came around

Silently in your misery, since you never have kissed anyone
You decided to just simply stitch your lips shut
But you are screaming bloody murder as a pun
Pleading for help, hard at the top of your lunges and deep cuts
Holding sharp scissors as you run across your flooded little room
Slipping on the blood your mum told you to sweep up with a broom
Soon they’ll see your masterpiece
Soon they’ll see you

Head Full Of Scraps (new song)

Head Full Of Scraps

Things on the walls that shouldn’t be
Lovely things that I find almost blind me
They love me, and they even know my name
Maybe, just maybe, it’s a bit better to be insane

Is it real if I can feel it, it’s opening the door
Is it real if I can’t feel anything anymore
What can I feel if nothing is real
Nowadays even limbs have peals

The pain is gone now
The name is sung out
Let me out into these streets
Let me out to feed on the meat

I’m not insane, I’m not insane
Why do they say I am
There’s just a bug in my brain
Don’t’ they understand

My Stuff (new song)

My Stuff
Look under the bed in which you found me dead
Send my toys to Salvation Army though they may be stained red

Stuffed in all my walls are sister’s hidden old dolls
You can find brother’s baseball cards in the closet down the hall

If you’re not scared and it’s not too hard then head up to the attic
And you can find my portable television but it only gets static

Don’t board up my room
I’ll be back in there soon

Send my drawings of love
To the girl they are of
Take a photograph of her, and don’t forget to say “cheese”
When she asks again laughing, “what the hell are