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Immoral Prayers (new song by me)

Immoral Prayers

So if she’s in the electric chair
What is safe to say
If hell isn’t actually out there
Is it even okay to pray

Is it okay to say something untrue
If it will make someone stay alive
Love, I love you girl, I love you
Was the world’s very first lie

The bottom of her boyfriend’s valentine gift, a brand new tube of lube
Is signed, honey “this will only be used by me and you”…that’s number two

So if she’s in the electric chair
What is safe to say
If hell isn’t actually out there
Is it even okay to pray

She’s love sick, in need of a shot and a magic trick

In The Name Of God Below (new song by me)

In The Name Of God Below

They preach of a storm, informing those who “wont be saved”
And sermon with cursed words that they take to the grave
“Thank you for the meal received,” they’re being ignorantly deceived
Fully unaware of the reality that it’s also his fault they’ll be buried

The common holy church fears a devil
The one that whispers in my ear
I’ve been sent to live in the deepest level
To warn ‘em when the end is near

With a mouth stitched shut, they said, so the sins didn’t leak
They said that I was a special one because I couldn’t speak
Although when I

Day Dreamer (new song by me)

Day Dreamer

Almost unconscious, he lives in a world
Where whatever he wants is true
Where he’s got the girl
And the sky is still blue

Wake up, wake up, wake up
I know what it feels like to be cut
And daydreaming is like reality but
This fantasy is just way too fucked up

Never paying attention in school
He’s building his own playground
Using the mental tools
While he’s in time-out

They punish him for staying out of dangers way
But it helps him ignore the spit-wads on his face
When he goes to the corner he’s somewhere safe
A place completely void of the entire human race

Life is

Fresh Meat (new song by me)

Fresh Meat

Oh a booboo on his wrists
It’s just a little itty bitty cut
Mother will give the slit a kiss
And the doctor will sew it shut

Look now Miss, he’s good as new
“Isn’t something a little different”
No, his face was always this blue
You got your worth for every cent
“I guess, after all, I only paid two”

Suicide is never an option
It’s a last resort
And a win-win situation
In child support

Now family always comes first
Taking turns riding in the hearses
We all fall down, one by one, as if it’s a curse
And the preacher is about to run out of verses

Oh look,

Dress Code (new song by me)

Dress Code

Walk through these high school double doors
You have already had most of your tours
Of getting buried alive in the garbage, run but you can’t hide
And overdosing on your fridge, feelings being eaten alive

Thankfully the hallway lockers are bigger now
So you can fit inside it painlessly
This time around it takes less signs to figure out
Why “This only happens to me”

Go grab the dress, and grab the guillotine
Such a mess, janitors needed on the scene
The pressure and anxiety inside the teen
Bursts her open just like her own spleen
Mom found her in bits and pieces all

Butterflies And Rainbows (new song by me)

Butterflies And Rainbows

“Don’t worry about your blood loss
There is still so much more
And who cares about the cost
We’ll take the donations from the poor”

It’s not all butterflies and rainbows
Do you ever wonder where the homeless man goes
I bet he’s going to that happy place
That he dreams of, where he gets more then a taste

Now he’s found dead, “oh well”
So what now will everyone say
“Life is just like a fancy hotel”
“I hope you enjoy your stay”

Butterflies and rainbows
No one knows but still they say

So stamp a smiley face on the corpse
It’s so out of

PRE-AFTERLIFE (my new "album")

well here is my first new album outta the 5 (4 more left)
its called
and it's all about the shit before death, also known as life




Butterflies And Rainbows

Sweet Dreams

Lost Love

Help Unwanted

The Things You Think You

Sweet Dreams (new song by me)

Sweet Dreams

You asked me if I’ve ever dreamed of you
Well I have, and unfortunately they came true
You told me to tell you what type, wet, what, when, and where
I told you a little white lie; I didn’t mention they were nightmares

In one, that beautiful dress you chose to wear
That night you gave your parents a scare
And if fair was fair and love was true
I’d be wearing my fancy suit with you

I’m so sorry I can’t see you tonight
But I’m not going to sleep
I hope you’re still sleeping tight
Fifty feet deep

I love my nightmares because you’re there
And this way I can do more

Lost Love (new song by me)

Lost Love

There’s someone I lost who I just can’t find
Been looking for her since the beginning of time
I flip these blank pages, looking down the list
Searching for the perfect girl that does not exist

Searching though my dreams, I toss and turn in my bed all night
I’m dead on the inside but my medicine makes me alright
I take pills filled with air to take a breath, ignorance is bliss
But if it is then why do the onlookers disapprove with a “tsk, tsk”

You and me, an me and you
Just like a dream come true
That’s right, I had a few dreams of a massacre
To be or not to be, all is

Help Unwanted (new song by me)

Help Unwanted

Let go of me, just let go of me
I’m being held up by a string
I may be just surviving by a strand
But I don’t need your fucking hand

I don’t want to be helped
It’s about time that I’ve paid for my good deeds
Just leave me in this well
Come back in seven days with the food I need

I will find a way myself to get to the better place
Where water is wine of which I got a test taste

In the end it’s whatever pleases, it’s
Whatever helps you sleep at night
Whatever cures the bedbug’s bite
Whatever blends the bits and pieces