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Into The Oven (new song by me)

Into The Oven

I wasn’t there, but I remember it well
There were so many dead in the living hell

Six million down the drain
You will never know their pain
And if things stay the same
I swear I’ll drown in their name

How much will the memorial cost
We’ll just make a hall for the lost
Well it better be a damn long hall
‘Cause the pile is pretty damn tall

Imagine how it must feel, the burning, burning
And the experiments for “scientific learning”

They used man’s own best friend
They had a very specific message to send
But I heard their argument and I say no
I’m not gonna just

Priceless Vacation (new song by me)

Priceless Vacation

After eagerly preparing for the vacation that he hopes will change his luck
Carrying his under-packed luggage through the door, of course it gets stuck

He picks up his phone to say bye to his best-friend
And her hello is “these nonstop calls have to end”

“Lonely” doesn’t even begin to describe
How this boy has been socially deprived
Without a home in the whole town or even a place to hide
He traveled all around, but something was trapped inside

After his plane lands he calls the friend he’s supposed to meet
And her quick excuse is “the traffic is

Used Corpses (new song by me)

Used Corpses

So I must be fortunate, oh so very fortunate, for sure
But I’ll end up limbless, from the hands I lend to the poor
There are just no more helping hands left in store
Now I’m just an unarmed torso stranded on the floor

If I fell would anybody want to share a hand for me
They’d just stare and leave me laying the damn street
Doctor, I’m going to hell even according to my own family
I’m losing my head, and they still want to perform a lobotomy

Don’t even ask me if I feel used up
I’m living abused, bruised and cut

No, I don’t know my shelf expiration date

Pressure. Madness. Snap. (new song by me)

Pressure. Madness. Snap.

Up above us is an apocalypse; but Death’s loving kiss
Is rescuing us away, so sweetly, from all the madness

Nothing ever works right
The nurse said it wouldn’t hurt
The cannibal said she wouldn’t bite
And I thought she was just trying to flirt

You can almost hear it, “snap”, and you’re brain dead
Your mind is like a trap; you fell in and hit your head

He enjoyed himself, at his health’s expense
But pleasure does not come without pain
An unwritten rule that makes too much sense
And suspense of when it will arrive is insane

The day of the test is

Not Meant To Be Alive (new song by me)

Not Meant To Be Alive

As a newborn the doctors said I wouldn’t make it
When I took my first breath they thought I had faked it
All too tiny, my heart, my head, just couldn’t take it
I was a sleeping “thing” and they didn’t wanna wake “it”

Payment is giving to Red Cross, one tenth of whatever’s left
Living through blood donations while on the verge of death
Now Death has become the new cost of good health
Unfortunately I don’t posses that common wealth

Was it a miracle or a curse
I don’t know; you tell me, I’ll be in the hearse
But the worst is yet to come
When I learn

Where Did You Go (new song by me)

Where Did You Go

I hope you receive the message I sent
Wherever the hell you may have went

No, no, impossible, you couldn’t have died
Not dead, all the doctors must’ve just lied
“Open it up; I don’t believe what’s inside
I said open it! What do you have to hide”

Let me see, lemme see the corpse
It cannot be real, put away that will
Whose fault is it, who do I have to kill
I promise for you I’ll never end this war

Now you’re dead, you’re dead
And I regret that I never said…

It’s not fair, oh, life’s not fair
But Death doesn’t even care
You probably thought I was never there,

Why Do The Innocent Get Murdered (new song by me)

Why Do The Innocent Get Murdered (dedicated to Bryan)

Please take me with you
I won’t, won’t forgive you
If you leave me here alone
Pick up the fucking phone

Emotions are confused and drama is overused
You can’t tell anymore if a teardrop is true
From pollution the water is not longer blue
‘Cause if you pretend to cry than you’re excused

Who’s to be accused and to be blamed
The guilty plead they’re insane
But their tears leak to a different drain
Down remorseful-memory lane

Day by day the dead still die
And my conscious eats me alive
So with a leaking heart

The Way The World Works (my new album)

hey everyone :) thanks sooo much for reading my songs :) :)

alright, album number 2 out of 5 is here, with 7 new songs :)

this album is about its name, and is titled

The Way The World Works

Ugly On The Inside

Think Of The Children

Immoral Prayers

In The Name Of God Below

Ugly On The Inside (new song by me)

Ugly On The Inside

You love him, you love him, you really, really love him
But after the accident you puke as you stand above him
How could it be you lost your beauty
Sincerely sorry but you had to leave

You can look, but you can’t touch
Just giggling when they see you blush
But don’t harm the material, all the precious meat
Priceless or worthless, both just stare at their feet

All of the girls obsess over the same hot guy
Not even stopping for a second to ask why
Oh baby it’s just looks and lies
Ladies, ladies, looks an lies

How would he treat you, would he tend

Think Of The Children (new song by me)

Think Of The Children

War consists of two guns
Two families both with songs
Both will end up damned if either shoot
Both so afraid of their commander’s boot

Bloodshed is never pretty
And while the generals sit
The soldiers run for their lives
In a world where it’s kill or die

War consists of two guns
Two families both with songs
Both will end up damned if either shoot
Both so afraid of their commander’s boot

Words are bullets in a world full of heresy
But one of the things they say is true, war is hell
And as the blind man is interrogated for what he’s seen
All the