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Homesick (new song by me)


There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home
Especially when you can’t face life living in your own

Father’s just watching his homeless boy go
Enjoying the emo show with some scotch

Nosebleed blood blotches are all over his shirt
Hurting on the inside, out is covered in dirt

Mother is just another old yeller with no emotion
Antonym of the ‘lil devotion filled Hellen Keller

He walks down the street unequipped and all alone
Even the holey shoes on his feet need to be sown

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home
Especially when you

When Death's Kiss Held My Breath (new Album by me)

Hey everyone XD
as you may have realized, i have released my 4th new album (out of the 5, only one more to go!! (and messege me if you want to know a super secret possible idea that i have planned)

well this Album leans towards the dark humor/comedy side of my lyrics. it includes plenty of meaning and philosophy, in addition to a little bit of insanity ;3.
title is just a humorous quote i made up for you guys to think about ;D



Casket Comedy

Casket Comedy (new song by me)

Casket Comedy
A song for all those Assholes who laugh at others misery

Everyone walks into the room with the corpse
The chairs are over there but you want a tour
But just take a seat an rest your feet; this is not a race
Immediately we notice your different heartbeat pace

The time comes to place the coffin in a grave
We go silently outside to leave the lifeless memory
Until you chime in “All you people bore me”
You joke, “Oh, I thought the invitation was to a rave”

You had so much fun in the crowd
And got such a kick out of seeing the

Homecoming Rehearsal (new song by me)

Homecoming Rehearsal

It’s been so long since I’ve seen
A casket or have attended a funeral reception
Something feels wrong between
The twitching and the anxiety that’s crept in

Something is missing
I miss the witnessing
I must be on withdrawal, withdrawal
I just need to see it, NEED A HEARSE
I covet, I crave observing her- I mean “the” full casket fall
In my grave thoughts, maybe the next outta be this nurse

I get the sweats and the god damned itching
And all the twitching my full body cast lets
I’m beginning to feel like I’m in one myself
Well, after all withdrawal is a living hell

Let me

Hospital Whore (new song by me)

Hospital Whore

She’s the hospital whore, oops, I mean nurse
She’s a corpse. “These signs indicate her condition gotten worse”
When patients are depressed bring in the clown
“This time around make sure she’s dressed in more then just a gown”

Her entrance is continuously a controversial scene
And just guess what she dresses as on Halloween

As the day of the appointment arrives, she’s just so excited
Thinking about the event, she couldn’t fall asleep all night

Prepping a patient for surgery is her favorite routine
Volunteers to personally make sure the man is clean

It Ain't A Hallucination If (new song by me)

It Ain’t Hallucination If

I’m confined in my mind; truth is it’s ruthlessly sublime
These voices in my head are mute so I’m learning signs
All the noise of the outside bothers my inaudible peers and I
I want to hear them so I’ll cut off my ears and gouge my eyes

Chicks dig scars, but they don’t even dig my face a bit
So I’ll just have to use this scar tissue as a replacement
Oops, I think this skin may have been diseased
Eh, who cares, as long as the ladies are pleased

As the I.V. tore loose and sprayed all over my face
I found my sweet tooth and enjoyed the taste

It's Not Over 'Till I Say It's Not Over (new song by me)

It’s Not Over Till I Say It’s Not Over

When I said “I do” I chose you as the victim of my rage
Because we both share this bloody superficiality
And nobody stays pretty forever in reality
But then again dead bodies don’t age

Honey Bunny, ‘till death do we part
But I still get to keep your heart

Like a knife to butter, with a rip
He loves her, but her life slips away
Laying above her, the wife’s lips pray
For him to keep hold of his grip

Love never dies, love never dies
Even when all the skin is gone
There are just less cries
And it feels less wrong

Honey Bunny,

Skin Deep Disguise (new song by me)

Skin Deep Disguise

I could get away with any crime I reach in town
Oh, I could murder a man and never ever be found
Because sound is the only way they can even track me
At least so they said to each other during my heart attack

Without any rules or boundaries
I’ve got the tools around reality
And nothing can hold me down
All of me that’s left is my sound

Well now what’s your excuse
I was yelling on the top of my lunges
Earlier that day on the News
“Breaking news: The fat lady has sung”

They say that I must be invisible
Since no one notices me at all
But the little kids

Acting Lessons (new song by me)

Acting Lessons

Peek-a-boo, peek-a-boo
As you hide behind your hands
Staring at your wet shoes
Wishing to be back on dry land

“Smile”, “wider”, it’s best to hide from realty
Your acting lesson is what people really see
“Depressed? Who do you think cares, go get dressed”
“Smile, don’t let the shrinks find out you’re stressed”

Every week this goddamn shrink
Gives me acting lessons and he thinks
That I don’t use that bloody sink anymore
But I’ll be just another actor found on the floor

Now fill out your will, the shrink’s disposition survey
The acting process is slow and

The Uglies (new album by me, 3 out of 5)

this is my 3rd new album :) and probably my most true to heart
this album is made up of songs that came from deep inside of me, and they are probably some the most honest and personal songs i've written.

the album is called THE UGLIES, mainly 'cause i think i'm ugly on the inside :P (which is the name of a song in my previous album lol)


Why Do The Innocent Get Murdered

Where Did You Go