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We Have A Pulse (new song by me)

We Have A Pulse

Won’t give in, won’t give in
I won’t give in to the temptations
I’ll refuse to let this life win
I’ll live my life as an abomination

When all the pain becomes unbearable
All of the solutions run out one by one
And my brain starts to act hysterical
But I wont go out without some fun

When all my pubic hairs turn gray
From all the naughty things I say
Doctors all call it “cardiac arrest “
But I’m just under a lot of stress

Insulting the things keeping me staying alive
They leave me gushing blood all over the floor
Of the cemetery I chose as a good place to

Stay Alive (new song by me)

Stay Alive

We sleep half our life away
So just keep staying awake
We sleep half our life away
So just keep staying awake

Puke your meds and look alive
Even though you’re dead inside
All those bullies shook the hive
And they’re in for quite a ride

When you’re laying in bed feeling fake
Just keep staying awake
When you have a feeling your life’s a remake
Just keep staying awake

So all of those who doubted me
All those who shouted, “freak”
All those who don’t say bye
Will have a silent suicide

So they can all just go and take a dive
All the way down thirty stories
We may

A Breath Of Fresh Air (new song by me)

A Breath Of Fresh Air

You can’t live meaningfully when only thinking with your groin
There are plenty of fish in the sea, which you intend to join
So you leap in to go swimming with the Rainbow Trout
But with three last words that you just can’t let out

Just hold your breath
You still have some air left
A light at the surface
Almost close enough to kiss

As the water covers your mouth
Then your heartbeat starts to race
And your lungs feel out of place
From there everything goes south

Any last words
“Let me leave”
Now, any more
“Let me breath”

As all the light fades

THE FINAL FINALE (new album by me)

this is it everybody, the first finale album, my favorite of the most recent songs i wrote in one album, in my opinion my best album so far

it's called
'cause it's the first finale album of many to come (hopefully)


Hostage Demands

Morning Sunshine

Hide And Seek

With One Week To Live/ Where Do The

Bury Me With A Shovel, Just In Case (new song by me)

Bury Me With A Shovel Just In Case

The doctors say I only have about a week to live
So we should just bury me now and get it over with

My psychiatrist got me free meds which I was always careful to hide
Just in case somebody realized the Vitamin “C” was for Cyanide
But he tricked me; the “C” was really for Conscious-suicide
And it’s only a matter of time until they think I’ve died

They thought I was dead
Oh how I wish that they were right
But I’ve just woken up tonight
Even though I’ve already been put to bed

I’m thinking to myself as I lay in this mortuary,

If At First You Don't Succeed, Try Again (new song by me)

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Again

In the finale, when all of the rights have gone wrong
And whatever the time is, is just too late
The fat lady would be singing her song
But she killed herself after she couldn’t lose weight

I’m slowly dying in my room and if I’m to be saved
You’ll need to climb through all the ignored suicide notes
There’s so much blood coating the floor that you might need a boat
And after pulling me down from the rope you’ll need to dig me outta my grave

After I hug my ugly imaginary friends in my head, I flick off the nightlight

Put To Sleep (new song by me)

Put To Sleep


For the poor soul, all alone is a standard
Powerless to prevent the plan he has heard
Unable to yell bloody murder, ‘cause it’ll be clean
All they have to do is turn off the life-support machine

If they put just a little air in the I.V.
For him to join the rest of his family
Just a bit of oxygen is the magic touch
After all as a kid he loved bubbles so much

What are the grounds
To take a life away, take a life away
If he doesn’t make a sound
Then he doesn’t have a thing to say

Look at him; he’s nothing but a daydreaming head

With One Week To Live /Where Do The Ghosts Go (New song by me)

With One Week To Live (Where do the ghosts go)

When I look in the mirror, my reflection looks away
Because it just can’t bear to look me in the face

There’s a suffocating plastic bag over my head
Since it would make too much of a mess if I bled
Below the bag is ugliness ‘cause I always had bad taste
But this scene is just perfect since the bag reads “WASTE”

My corpse will cure your cancer
Vitamin: Laughter is the pill in the tray
Just make sure that you shut the casket door after
There aren’t any ugly-jokes to say about a decaying face

I stand on the

Hide And Seek (new song by me)

Hide And Seek

“Hello, hello”
But only my lifeless echoes answer me
“Marco, Marco”
With games like these silence is key

Where the hell did she go
I direly need her to know
This horrible secret I told her I’d tell
And I refuse to spill it to anyone else

When I finally saw her hiding in the lost and found
That silent victory thrill rushing through my spine felt so nice
It was now my turn to hide and hers to count down
But in seconds, as I tiptoed closer, my feeling altered into ice

Where, oh, where did she go
I really wanted her to know

Morning Sunshine (new song by me)

Morning Sunshine

Don’t you wait for the bright light
Don’t open your eyes, oh don’t even blink
If you look you’ll get blinded at first sight
Of her hair in that stained red sink

Take the fight out the back door
Midnight odds are stacked towards
Fighting back, you’ve got to fight back
Even if it’s just for a little midnight snack

Honestly there is no grand sunshine
When time’s hand reaches twelve
You open your eyes and find
Your life is still a living hell

Just stay awake for your daily daydreams
Through all the rough self esteem teenage years
They may pay off when