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A Priceless Sight (new song by me)

this is another depressing song for old times sake
alot of this song is based off actual experiences in my life

A Priceless Sight

Now with a “Don’t-Enter” sign on her door
Which is sealed shut with her two-by-four
Just how long do you wager she’ll survive
If you can’t even tell if the teenager’s alive

All of the kids poke the near dead animal on the playground
Only one teacher recognizes that familiar sound
There’s the girl whose suicide attempt ended in a suspension
And now once again, she’s the center of attention


For Those Fingers In Your Ears (new song by me)

This song was written in Less then a half-an-hour
and most of the lyrics were made when i was singing randomly in the shower lol,
has sort of an Im Not Okay and NANANA vibe to it

For Those Fingers In Your Ears

Life’s a bitch, but death’s a whore
And you must be asking for more
When I asked you out for a date together
You said I would have to wait until never

But now in the very end
We’re no longer “just friends”
‘Cause I never wanna see you again
Unless you truly change, but until then…

Shut up, shut up, shut up (la-la-la-la-la-la)

Apocalypse 101 (new song by me)

this song was written with a NANANA feel to it,
watchya think? :)
Apocalypse 101

Humming end of the world songs in your head
Because those were the last they made
Before every single fucking flight was delayed
And all your friends get sick with Dead

He was such a simple criminal, just who would think
But working so subliminal, he’d make the earth sink
He’d burn the future down to the ground with a “POOF”
We’d scream but the time machines were soundproof

Butterflies, rainbows and guillotines
Hallucinations in the form of dreams
The world

The Victims Will (new song by me)

Feedback on this one is also reeeally needed, 'cause it's a mix of two of my styles (a bit of depression and a bit of inspiration) so i am very curious on how people liked it :)

The Victim’s Will

My suicide note was written on toilet paper
Oh, it’s just an insignificant substitute
An my slit wrists were stitched with a stapler
By Suicide-Hotline’s brand-new recruit

Whenever I tried to cause you to fall
You’d always just run and hide, God
But I’m done being your voodoo doll
I just wanna be buried with my IPod

My Will and testament’s also my

Scars (new song by me)

this is one of my Inspirational/non-depressing style songs,
i reeeally need some feedback on this style 'cause it's something new i'm trying and i would really like to know how i'm doing with it :) :) thanks sooo much :)



I’m leaving the mortuary and going home
Everyone is staring as I rise up from the table
My torn up voodoo doll of me is getting sewn
All eyes on me as I rip off the Suicide label

We’re survivors of this horrific human race
We’ve killed off the hell in this purgatory
We’re still alive to tell our story
So we won’t stay in our

Long Live The Dead, And Dead Be The Living (THE FIRST FINALE album's Side B)

well everyone, this is a momentous occasion.
this Side B to album THE FIRST FINALE, called
(because it was the first ever quote that i made up, i was actually a little kid when i thought it up lol, sick isnt it?)
is my first ever, ALL-inspirational/positive album
that's right!
no depression in this one, it's to inspire life, and install hope and the will to keep going.

so i'd love your feedback on it sooo much
especially since it's my first group of positive songs and i would like to know if you guys like my positive songs as much as my depressing

Population: Zero (new song by me)

Population: Zero

I have a heartbeat that no one can steal
An unlike the people I see, it’s very real
So I’ll live on, even if I’m alone as this world ends
I guess that I’ll just have to imagine my girlfriend

I’m not afraid to face my fears
First one being nothing more then living
And if I fail to stay alive this year
Well, pinky promises aren’t very forgiving

We can’t all just die as teens
‘Cause who’ll be left to dream
Prom’s coming up if you wanna be seen
And Suicide-Hotline is this year’s theme

Nothing lasts forever except the past
Don’t let life pass before your eyes

Use Your Brains (new song by me)

Use Your Brains

Zombie’s hands reach out of the ground
Apparent slits covering their wrists
Recuperating in the lost and found
Coming to terms with leaving their bliss

We’re getting a second chance
To deny life’s Terrorist-demands
We’ll live in the land of the free
So long as you don’t die on me

All the dangerous thoughts causing you to toss and turn in bed
The term is “sick in the head” but they call you insane
The doctors had to convince you that you’re not already dead
Telling you over an over again to just use your brain

We’re getting a second chance
Go get to London, go

My Little Stalker, My Little Stalker (new song by me)

My Little Stalker

You’re as pretty as my voodoo doll of you
With bluest eyes that only I’ve seen cry
And your broken heart I fixed with glue
As long as I’m alive I won’t let you die

Oh, if I only had the guts to say hello
But what would you answer
Shut up, go away, or merely hell no
Or maybe even just laughter

You see right through me fine
So I can commit any crime
I’m gonna steal your heart
Put it in my box of used parts

Staring at you from across the room
And complementing your perfume
Hiding in the adjacent restroom stall
Hanging up after a two second call


Puke (new song by me)


The ambulance just left me to die on the curb
Saying I was too disturbed to live another day
Leaving me and speeding and swerving away
But not without first cutting my spinal nerve

Puke out the pain
All over the hospital floor
Or down the drain
Just keep on puking more

I’m not scared I’m just so sick of it
That’s why I’m puking everywhere
Eating it again lick by lick of the shit
‘Cause it’s my pain and I don’t share

I am a unique freak seeking the chance to speak
Dancing in the rain in a house full of leaks
I let out the pain by taking in the medicine
No longer awake as