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No Hard Feelings (new song by me)

No Hard Feelings

So I knew you, you knew me
Oh screw you, you screwed me
But I’m so sorry, I truly apologize
And this isn’t like one of your ‘lil lies

The secret reason I left when you secretly lied
Hides in a secret suicide for you to find
The secret ingredient is secret cyanide
Because of your…because of your!…because of you!!…
Well what’s the first word that comes to mind?!
NO! NO! NO! NOT WHORE!!…But that one too

Now, I’m taking all these pills for a girl
So let’s play Guess Who
Count down until they make me hurl
The executioner is you
Four, three, two, and one…

A Family Tree In Fall (new song by me)

A Family Tree In Fall

Mommy, sing me a lullaby
I know you have the time

You may now kiss the bride
So do you have any last words, “I DO”
But there is no place to hide
Everyone already heard her déjà vu

The “PRAYING” Hat is on the door
So there’s no coming in tonight
Just tuck yourselves in, so tight
“Earthquake!!” no it’s just a whore…

What about the daughters
What about the sons
What will they become

Can’t sleep with the tough love loud as murder
Fights about “It’s not What It Looks Like” presents
She’s sick of the yearly Christmas-Surprise events
The little white lies

Sirens (new song by me)


I can hear the flickering sirens
They came just in knick of time
Thankfully I’m still dyin’
So I’m gonna be just fine

My pacemaker’s made out of papier-mâché
Just from remnants that have somehow survived
Created from news articles, from back in the day
On the ability of our hearts to keep us alive

Buried alive but we won’t suffocate
So done with living underground
Surviving at such an alarming rate
We’re digging our way up to town

I should begin to edit my will, you say
Since there’s no way I won’t be killed
But I’m staying here with my blood refill

When A Coffin Gets Claustrophobic (new song by me)

When A Coffin Gets Claustrophobic

Not being good enough is a disease and baby I'm infected
I'm dying but please… don’t let my body get dissected!!!!

Sunshine, sunshine blinding
Oh hurricane, hide me away
So very nice OutSide today
Undead, undead are dining

They shoot us like animals
But we’re merely cannibals

Let’s contaminate the population
Infect those who still have no lives
We’re the dead’s representation
And they say please outlaw knives

Shoot us in the head
Shoot in the knee
But I’m already dead
You can’t kill me!!

“Make armored trucks from a full

Bedroom Roulette (new song by me)

Bedroom Roulette

Bloodstained bed sheets mark the mood
Forgot to wipe my feet ”so far from you”

The Pretty Girl’s turn of Truth Or Dare
“So how do you honestly feel about this?”
“Oh, who in the World Fucking Cares?
Now give me a kiss or slit your wrists!”

Truth! Is there a knife behind your back?
In the mood for an ambulance drive?
How do you think they’d react?
I Dare you to stay alive

Get me a band-aid for these slit wrists
Let Death give the booboo a kiss
Let’s just play Spin The Knife
If you lose you win a life

Lock yourself in the room, suicide bluff
Need help

Unborn/ Halfway To Hell (new song by me)

Unborn (Halfway To Hell)

Thanks for the holiday present, but it kinda smells…
Sometimes, ten feet deep, you just gotta yell

If I’m down, hand me a shovel
And make that casket a double

Don’t forget to fill the casket with air
So I’ll still gasp a bit while down there

Everyone has a bad day, feeling down
Mine’s just fifty feet under the ground

They kept saying I’d go to hell one day
But after all that, I only went halfway

Giving birth now is this dirt
A grave is the baby-picture-frame

Home Sweet Home (new song by me)

Home Sweet Home

Got a one-way mental vacation of my own
-Ding- Where I’m staying is my true home

“Hehehehehe-hoho…oh no!!!

“Write your signature down the survey”
But I don’t need to know my name
It should be plain as day
I’ve gone insane

Nobody ever understood me before
Last time, they finally gave a shrink a call
And every single person on my floor
Also likes to smash their head in the wall

There’s no place like my home
With a million pillows everywhere
Although I’m not allowed combs
But I anyways pulled out all my

The Massacre (new song by me)

The Massacre

Don’t wanna stay, somebody take me away
I’m not okay, now do I even look alright
I have no more fight, I don’t want to play
Me and my straightjacket need to reunite

Let’s play house, I will find the body
An we’ll laugh out loud at the sight
Even at the cremation “what a hottie”
We’ll play our roles without rewrites

At the Loonybin-Circus’s most recent trip
Their ventriloquist had a freak fall
Unable to manage he just lost grip
“An innocent accident,” or so says his doll

The puppets in the mortuary clap their hands
With their strings cut and lips sealed shut

The Paranoia (new song by me)

The Paranoia

Contaminate the population
And just wave goodbye
Kill fearlessness in the nation
We’ll stay afraid to die

“What’s going on, I want to live, please”
“Don’t worry darling, it’s just a disease”

We have got a sickness, but no one can put us down
Contaminating all around and we won’t be killed
So as long as we’re still solid in this ghost town
Those holes in the ground will not get filled

Do you see that nameless tombstone
Waiting patiently for us to just quit
That place they all expect us to go
But I don’t think we’re gonna fit

Something is very wrong

Get Your Hand Off My Leg (new song by me)

Not my best, just a quicky, i'm thinking of taking a break soon, to get some inspiration back. whatchya guys think about that?

The Hand On My Leg

“Mister, Mister, help, I’m lost”
“To get on your way just turn left-
Now your soul is advice’s cost”
“Okay, I keep it in a treasure chest”

No, I will not call you sir
I won’t get on my knees
You’re not the cure!! you’re not the cure!!
Oh please, if anything, you’re the disease

Someone said they knew of a safe place, far, far away
But it wasn’t true; they led me straight to you!
I’ll find a way,