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An Odd Number Of Petals (new song by me)

An Odd Number Of Petals

Loves you, loves you not, Doctor Jekyll, Mr. Hyde
Heartbreak won’t you go away
Just come again another day
Sometime when I’m not contemplating suicide

If I don’t part quick… I’ll be burned alive…
From my Half-Heart, UP TO MY EYES!!!
So with one last beautiful bouquet…
No easy way to say…“GOODBYE!!!”

She loves me…She loves me not…
Bought a noose…SHE TIED THE KNOT!!!

“EW GERMS!!! Just don’t kiss me”
You’re so fearless…
If you can hear this…

She loves me…She loves me not…

WIDE-AWAKE (-Behind These Eyelids/ Coma Cremation) - New song by me :)

WIDE-AWAKE (-Behind These Eyelids/ Coma Cremation)

They got a fat lady to break the news (Just sit on the chart)
(“Well, I regret to inform-”)
Singing the words so you’ll stay amused (Oh bless your heart)
(“-Just ignore the unscrewed I.V.”)
The beeping and ringing adds to the melody (I guess that’s a start)
(“I detect no life forms-”)
While you chant “You were always dead to me” (Never said that part)
(“-You were already dead to me”)

Just please don’t cry for me Honey
Because I know you think it’s funny
No last words but “let me die”
At least you got to say

Heartburn (new song by me)


Would you kiss me
With your burnt up tongue
Would you miss me
When I leave you my lungs

I love you, but does that change a thing
I need you, but I still don’t see a ring
Would a stupid love song show you
I realize all the blood I still owe you

Just how many heartbeats a week
How would I know
How fast my heart goes, so to speak
Oh wait… it’s zero

Would you kiss me
With your chapped lips pulled apart
Would you miss me
When I leave you my broken heart

There, there, Honey it’ll be okay (ALL WE CAN DO IS PRAY!!)
Cold blooded murder on Valentines Day (hate to say I told

Sleeping Issues (new song by me)

Sleeping Issues

How could you tell? Was it my voodoo doll
Or the smell of the piled up used tissues
Shit, I just punched another hole in the wall
Well you’re right, I do have a few issues!!

“I heard he only has a week to live…”
“O.M.G.!!!!” “SHUT UP!!!!”
“Could’ve had more but”
“That’s all that the doctor will give!!!”
(He’s giving all the blood he can give!!!)

“Heard he only had a week, two months ago”
“I guess that the disease must’ve slowed”
“Rumors, oh the daily drama, it’s so real”
“Just think of how his gay momma must feel”


Just A Game (new song be me)

aannnnnd the singles have started again, although this time i dont think they'll be as frequent, i'm more then ready for a break XD this was just a really quick one


Just A Game

Simon says breathe in
Simon says breathe out
Simon says breathe in
And don't stop now!!

Mother walks in on you a foot above your shoes
“Oh Honey, are you already deceased”
All set to inform the neighbors of the good news
Speak now or forever hold your peace

Someone save me from my grave
With a safety pin in my heart
At least erase the engraved
“Still alive but it’s a start”

The Name's Eyeshadow...Killjoy Eyeshadow

.....Killjoys and humans alike are dying out....
The Killjoys needed any member they could get...that was before Eyeshadow joined the gang.
As Party Poison's fast learning protege, Eyeshadow brings an emotional feel along with psychological warfare into the game, which in relative terms, will never be the same.
Fun Ghoul found Eyeshadow laying in a pool of his own blood, dead for 69th time, moments before checking Eyeshadow's pockets for spare music injections, Eyeshadow sprang back to life...again (luckily too, he wouldn't want anyone to take his lucky Vampire Tooth, that's worth millions of

Odd One Out (In A Row Of Corpses) (new album by me)

this album has a funny story
started off as one song, then two songs, then 5, and i wrote 5 more songs as time went on, the first two songs i spent a week or so on, but the rest took like then 2 or 3 days each, some even less then a day. so it's kind of a rusty gritty album. i didnt really perfect the songs or plan them or anything, it's just a gritty honest album. tell me what you think :)


Album- Odd One Out (In A Row Of Corpses)

First-degree Murder License

Cause Of Patient's Relapse

First-degree Murder License (new song by me)

First-degree Murder License

Are you sick and tired of being alive?
Asking Make A Wish to just let you die?
There’s a hot new way in means of suicide…
A full donation to your friendly blood-drive!!!

Caught red-handed, wrist deep in cutlery-abuse
In the last few seconds before dropping dead
Used the most suitable excuse
“Um, forgot to take my meds”

Scars are sexy an hostility is fun
Killing yourself to impress two “friends”
Signs of life? Just count down from one
‘Cause Dying is the hot-new-trend

All attempts of Third-degree Suicide I’ll resist
Prank calling

Cause Of Patient's Relapse (new song by me)

Cause of Patient’s Relapse

Here on the brink of suicide
It’s do or die, do or die
Dear Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Hello and or goodbye

Angel Dust has me reaching for the stars
When I shut my eyes I dream of bright lights
Hearing the doctor say, after seeing my chart
“Good thing this one is Losing The Fight”

Height was my greatest fear
So they just amputated my wings
Which looked beautiful beside my ears
Cut off, so I wouldn’t hear the fat lady sing

Instead of asking the doctor for meds
Or “how much time do I have left?”
So self-conscious on my deathbed
I request to

Broadcasted Suicide (new song by me)

Broadcasted Suicide

Hip, hooray, it’s suicide season
“Sssssh, I’m hunting teenagers”
These days we don’t even need a reason
Overloading doctor’s emergency pagers

I see the future, must be psychic
I’m gonna die, you better like it
Because no one ever said to me
That I was more then dead-to-be

Nobody told me that life would be easy
But it was as simple as a slice
The cashier was so very nice
Sold a knife half-price, specially for me

I carved “Tsk Tsk” into my wrists
Because this is such a “No No”
Well suicide was on my bucket list
But I still have to cut the rope