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Inkblots (new song by me)


[I think it’s… JUST YOUR VOICE!!!]

Swinging, barely on the brink (Before I can rethink)
With wrists over the sink… (Breathing in the ink!!!)
I need to live, what’s the price
Who do I have to sacrifice…

With both of my busted eyes numb (WAKE UP BREATHING AWAY!!!)
When pupil dilation is at extra-large (Can’t kill the pulse on display…)
Lying my way out of staying at an asylum… (WON’T TAKE ME AWAY…)
WE’RE THE PATIENTS THEY DISCHARGED!!! (…Still a pulse on display!!!)


Mid-Life Crisis (New song by me)

Mid-Life Crisis

We’re feeling so cold and sick (*BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP*)
Can we please be excused (Tough love to be slapped silly)
To go join another Clique (So that’s what they call a family)
Where we won’t feel so USED! (*BEEP* *BEEEP* *BEEEEP*…)

We’re feeling so cold and sick (*BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP*)
Can we please be excused (Tough love to be slapped silly)
To go join another Clique (So that’s what they call a family)
Where we won’t feel so USED! (*BEEP* *BEEEP* *BEEEEP*…)

Bath-time Toaster needs no soap
Neither does the Kill-Me-Clown
I’m without a hope but the rope

Molly's Playhouse (ASYLUM) (new song by me)

Molly’s Playhouse (ASYLUM)

Welcomed that feeling of being KILLED
Living had this meaningless sake (On an Urgent Ambulance Drive…)
Give me all the sleeping pills YOU WILL
Sadness is what keeps me awake (Is the only time I ever feel alive…)

Because we’ve got… (All the REAL drugs, to keep you snug)
Cyanide-sleeping-pills, feel free to try some
But if you’re caught (Want to die? Well, UNLESS YOU LIE…)

We’ve got Superheroes an aliens all living here
Outside these walls you’re just a stray dear
So if you’re insane, well enjoy your stay
And if not…

SOMETHING (new song by me)


This song is about a girl who’s had so many surgical procedures to make her prettier and prettier, and prettier, and prettier… and prettier.
She’s had so much done to her little body that it isn’t even remotely human anymore
Oh and she doesn’t have the nicest personality either.

Why would you want to hear me sing
Songs that don’t mean a goddamn thing
It’s way too late to wish to be any more
Than a heartless Valentine’s Whore…

All stitched and cut
She sure is something
But I can’t say WHAT

Who can kill with just

The Ugly Duckling (And The Black Swan) (new song by me)

The Ugly Duckling (And The Black Swan)

Got a stage-fright overdose (Just a prom dance…)
It ain’t blood leaking down the Denims…
What I’d give to be comatose… (A pair of pants…)

Don’t tear my clothes! I’m going in! (Teens these days…)
The locker’s closed, again they win! (Scene went gray…)
Dressed up, but prom’s all booked today.
Self-esteem rejected me, do I look okay?!

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”
“Well High-school’s only a few years longer”
Engraved on the perfect knife… (Stuck in breaking

Valentine's Ghost (New Song By Me)

Valentine’s Ghost

You’ve gone gray and colorblind…
So frozen “but would I rather burn…”
“I’ll go-I’ll stay” “Make up your mind!!!”
“Take your time when you’re in the urn!!!”

Here all-alone on these swings…
Go home if you’re not playing…
But I wouldn’t change a thing!!!
Dear Angels, Sorry, I’m staying!!!

Hush Honey, just take two… (Enjoy your cemetery stay…)
And now lay down dear (Fake dead through the drive…)
We’ll watch over you!!! (There-There…PULSE AWAY!!!)
Just stay right here (…THEY CAN’T TAKE US ALIVE!!!)

In this level of unconsciousness we call “Awake”
Blushing shows

Hang In There (New song by me)

Hang In There

Marry me! Bury me! Carry me! But first…
Let’s make sure the mortuary’s rehearsed!!!
To turn a blessing- Blessing into a curse…
Have a wedding and pre-order the hearse!!!

I could be, I could be your DREAM COME TRUE…
If you have nightmares I’m the GUY FOR YOU…
It’s no fun being stuck, STUCK ON A NOOSE!!!
But no one ever cut me, CUT ME LOOSE!!!

It’s just a noose! Nothing to be afraid of!!!
Now on the other hand, love… well love…
Hung noose hugging your neck and-
Don’t worry, it’ll only take a second!

My hearts on the list for fine dining

And Silence (New Song By Me)

And Silence…

*BEEP* And Silence… (…)
*BEEP* And Silence… (…)

In my reserved hospital BED… (LA-LA-LA-LA…)
I’m killing time by playing DEAD… (LA-LA-LA!!!)
*BEEP* And Silence… (…)
The best hearse is my BED!!! (LA-LA-LA-LA…)
*BEEP* And Silence… (…)
I feel so lively when I’m DEAD!!! (LA-LA-LA!!!)

Cut me! Fuck me! Make me bleed!!!
Gut me! Give me what I need!!!
I want the pain!!! I want the drive!!!

What might I find behind that mask…
A kiss? But Death’s just teething!!!
…Left with one last breath you ask…
A kiss?

A Song About Love, Hate And Other Synonyms (New song by me)

A Song About Love, Hate, And Other Synonyms

“BLOOD!!! BLOOD!!! Making a mess on the floor!!!”
“BLOOD!!! BLOOD!!! How dare you ask for more!!!”
“FLOOD!!! FLOOD!!! Wet, Wet, Wet liquid gore!!!”
“FLOOD!!! FLOOD!!! Cumming from the whore…”

Will you miss me, I’ll miss you, I promise
Honestly no time left for a goodbye kiss
I’m giving it back for your forgiveness
“LIVING” is in bold on my bucket list

Hear the ambulance siren (Feed off the misery)
Imagine what went wrong…
Glance in tears at my grin (Feed off the misery)
“You can almost sing along…”

Dare you

Forgive Me Father For I'm A Sin (New Song By Me)

Forgive Me Father For I’m A Sin

The long list of crimes against humanity
Doesn’t work best to worst…
Goes from pure mad to slight insanity


I know that my heresy’s such a danger
But at least treat me like a stranger!!!
“You’re disowned so go to hell alone”
Welcome Home! Oh Welcome Home!

Ignorance is bliss, ignorance is bliss
“Honey, oh Daddy is in…Daddy’s in heaven-
An he’ll be missed, he’ll be missed…”
“Mommy, I know the truth, I’m not seven!!!”

Aren’t I just your Little Lamb…
So sacrifice a child of your own…