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Cancerous (New song by me)

Another from the B-side Bad Dreams, this one's all about living everyday like you're last, and partying and "Yolo".


[Sleep is for the weak, so you’ll stay up all weekend]

Pop! Pop! Pop! Until you see a cop
Pop! Pop! Pop! Until your organs stop
Ooh- Live! Live! Live! "What pill did the kid give her"
You- Live! Live! Live! You LIVE TO KILL YOUR LIVER!!!

Falling… Falling in lust and calling it love
At first come on command an then push to shove
Love! Love! Love! Got Love at the prom dance, the beat, beat, beat is shut off the charts
Of all

Whoreble! (New song by me)

Oh boy does this song have a back story...
Actually it's merely a revamp of one of my first ever songs (Whore), but it was supposed to be an actually sung song... well it actually was, i wrote the notes, put everything together, even recorded it. But sorry, nobody's ever gonna here it, because the other two kids whose computer i used to record it (don't worry i didn't use the computer's mic :P ) decided they were too lazy to produce it, or even send me the files so i could do it myself.

10th Generation Princess (New song by me)

Another song off Bad Dreams, the B-side album to Puking Up The Paranoia
This ones about whores and lifestyles


10th Generation Princess

Gentlemen, they come all suit an tie
In her eyes if a prostitute should cry
She deserves the punishment, the fun broom branding
Continues the traditional ballroom dancing

...A thin mess of a princess since she doesn't even know…
Ten generations ago she lived in royalty an riches…
Now a dear jester dressed down to give everyone a show
And the Motto here’s enjoy all of the damn bitches

Princess! Princess! Please!
Get off your knees!

[INSIDES] (new song by me)

Another song off my little B-side album, Bad Dreams
This one is another attempt to be meaningful, but in a more angry manner Xp
Lemme know whatchya think :)


[Come one come all to The Great Freak Show!]

Can you RECALL all of the accidents (RECALL!!!)
Can you call ‘em mistakes to their face (Put ‘em back inside…)
Can you RECALL all of the accidents (RECALL!!!)
Can you imagine yourself in their place (Put ‘em back inside…)

Alcohol stains and hand-me-downs smell
The strays are raised knowing nothing but hell
so when you ask what they wanna be
Expect them

SLEEPING BEAUTY (Happy-Endings) (new song by me)

Here's the first song from the B-side album Bad Dreams, to Puking Up The Paranoia
Lemme know whatchya think, i think i went a bit too sick on this one XD



…You… Look… So… Sweet………
…When… You’re… Asleep………
…You… Look… So… Sweet………
…When… You’re… Asleep………
…You… Look… So… Sweet……… (Sleeping beauty…)
…When… You’re… Asleep……… (Sleeping beauty…)
…But… Dear… It’s time to eat… (Sleeping beauty…)
…If you can hear me… Beep… (SLEEPING BEAUTY!)
Is that a tear?……… Of joy!
“Is that a

You Don’t Have The Guts To Know Whose Organs Are Inside You (New song by me)

This is the final song off my little album Puking Up The Paranoia (until the B sides)
Obviously, heavily inspired by You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison
Probably one of my fav of my new songs

lemme know what you think!
Thanks so much :)

You Don’t Have The Guts To Know Whose Organs Are Inside You

[“No! No! No!-“ “-BANG!”]
…JUST ANOTHER NIGHT!... Another midnight shift-…
Another night of me wondering if the kid might lift-…
His hands in prayer… For another shot TO THE HEAD!!!
Another midnight shift

The Suicide Soundtrack (New song by me)

Figured for the mods i'd start this out with this is NOT a self-hurt post... In fact, it's quite the opposite
This is my attempt to be inspirational. Lemme know whatchya think


The Suicide Soundtrack

[Open up?…Open up?! I spilled my guts on the floor!]

"Doctor! Doctor! Something’s wrong!
My son can't pay attention for long…"
"The kid will have to stay in detention Hun-
At a mental facility for demented young!"

Shrink! Shrink! Shrink! How long it you took to plot
What to put in my shot, an in the inkblot
To make me sound crazy, to claim I’m insane
Splattered on

F.U.N.E.R.A.L. (Who Brought The Balloons) (New song by me)

This song is all about revenge.
I'd love to know what you guys think :) Every read makes me feel so special :3


F.U.N.E.R.A.L. (Who Brought The Balloons)

One guy almost died some stupid way? (The ambulance is on its way)
Made a mess of the scene! Press play. (I hear It-s your funeral today)
One guy almost died some stupid way? (The ambulance is on its way)
Enter the ambulance! Enjoy your stay! (I hear It-s your funeral today)

We’re… Opened up and on display… Since…
…We… Spilled our guts and dug our grave.
An… All that the doctors could save…………
Were… Some organs for the

Spineless (The Contortionist) (New song by me)

This song is all about standing up for yourself and facing fears

Spineless (The Contortionist)

…Dreams are DANGERS! Disguised by the stitching…
The seams would split if I kept on itching
So safe and sound I settled down
An found myself a sweetheart with a wedding gown


SPINELESS! Too bad to be sown
SO SPINELESS! In a broken home
To give her a piece of my mind

[Twisting my words…]

But at the wake we both agreed, that our lives were meant to be, with

[CLAUSTROPHOBIC] (New song by me)

New song all about insanity and stuff :3
Lemme know whatchya think :)



You're sick! I'm sick! We're all sick in some way
With stitched on smiles, that say "IT’S OKAY"
Except the waiting room walls are closing’ in!
“NEXT!” The waiting room walls are closin’ in!

And they say half the kids will have delirium
Well with yellow walls down the halls
The most insanity-inducing color of ‘em all!

So what can you do? What can you do?
Waited for the news… But it ain’t even this bad