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Hospicely-Ever-After (New song by me)

This last song off Bad Dreams is probably my favorite one, it's my little equivalent of The Black Parade, Inspired by Requiem For A Dream, It's about over-medication and losing your mind to find the better world after this reality has become to much
but as far as the story goes, it's about a lonely old lady
Let me know whatchya think, feedback on this one is hugely appreciated :)



A pill a day keeps the doctor away
One Sunday, Monday, Tuesday take two
A pill a day keeps the doctor away
Two Wednesday, Thursday three for the flue

Fingernails (New song by me)

This little song was a quicky i put together about staying alive even when everyone else has failed you
Each read is hugely appreciated :)



Left for dead, ‘Cause of
deathbed breath
She said, it was love
Until he had no more cash left
So she, Filled the pill prescriptions
Made the Medical decisions
Jammed him full of Catheters
Till they came out his ass

And In bed full of drugs but he still looked lovely
Within hours of the end "tell ya this ain't livin'"
Said pull the plug, 'cause it's well out of reach
Who knew that he meant the television

… So turn off

The Revenge Of A Requiem (New song by me)

The last song for tonight, this one is all about revenge, lemme know whatchya think :)
Every read is hugely appreciated :)


The Revenge Of A Requiem

Look alive…
Look alive…

Thank you for the venom, would you care for a taste… (Spit it in their face and don’t forget to SMILE!)
Laced with pins an needles and shared with the waste (Show them how much blood we can swallow)
Grudges will get us our revenge or arrange a requiem (We won’t rest until we’ve made a mess)

Pree's Lullaby (New song by me)

This is another emotional song, inspired by the incredible movie Pan's Labyrinth, it's all about... optimism.


Pree’s Lullaby

Rain? Rain never went away
True it is nice, but neither did day
Clouds hung in the sky until nobody knew
When their work hour ended, where their kids had went too

[…That there was never laughter…]

There once was a little girl
Who dreamt of a better world
When her eyes were closed she was right there
But when they opened she’d woken to the nightmare

Little Pree had never liked her home city Neverland
Where the sun never set, dirt an grit

(Aware) (New song by me)

This one's the last of the older songs i put in Bad Dreams, the B-side to Puking Up The Paranoia
Obviously inspired by Sleep, but rather it's the opposite, the fear of being aware in a coma
Wathcya think?




Someone left the television on (Turn it off! Turn it off! Turn it off! Turn it off!!!)
I’m already gone, I’ve already gone (I know you’re there, I can hear you cough.)
Now it’s time for you to GO TO SLEEP…

Always pricking me with pins and needles

[Pandora's Locker] (New song by me)

Here's another old song i put in Bad Dreams, the B-side to Puking Up The Paranoia
This one is all about revenge, Teenagers style, or Columbine style
So It's probably one of the most controversial one's i've written
Watchya think?


[Pandora’s Locker]

Pandora! Think outside the box, you’re-
A little girl, oh what a world, PANDORA!!!
Remember with torture- slow’s much more fun!

So all of ‘em stare but no one will care until
This leaking mascara turns into a massacre
Calling me sick lit my wick even if it

(Red Poses) (New song by me)

This song is about art. ... naw just kidding it's about the murder dubbed "The Black Dhalia" :D
Wathya Think?

(Red Poses)

[What would YOU kill for…]

Damn I tried an tried an tried
I'd break in, take ‘em to museums
But every average guy who'd see ‘em
Always said lookin’ back at my art
“They look dead, they lack any heart”

HOLD THAT POSE!!! HOLD THAT POSE!!! (Just picking red poses…)
HOLD THAT POSE!!! HOLD THAT POSE!!! (Just picking red poses…)

Fact is, my abstract paintings would never get a bid
So I made an art

-HELP- (Dementia) (New song by me)

This song is half sick humor and half super emotional, if any of you know the show Adventure Time, it was inspired by the episode I Remember You


-HELP- (Dementia)


Pitchforks and flames describe the monster
“He used to be such a nice guy”… “He’s gone Sir!”
“HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! God please!
…OH HONEY!!! I need some help hiding the body”

Just confused… Just confused… Just confused… (MAKE ME FEEL YOUNG!)
Mustn’t lose my train of…
Just confused… Just confused… Just confused… (MAKE ME FEEL YOUNG!)
Mustn’t lose my brain just-


One Missed Call (New song by me)

This is a rather old song that i haven't released till now, it's all about staying alive

One Missed Call

I feel so ill, with a gut feeling I swallowed pills
My skin was shut, peeling now, hollowed till’
No liver fills my insides anymore, until there’s just void
Bad things happen for a reason…To make me paranoid

But one little overdose ain’t a crime
If you’re sober most of the time
Stay since somebody’s still alive
Just waitin’ on you on the other line

Who knows what could come a second later
Who knows

Hickeys (new song by me)

This is actually one of my very few lyrics about "love"... or at least the fantasy of it.
Inspired by Let Me In, an incredibly touching movie
Last song for tonight off the Puking Up The Paranoia's B-side, Bad Dreams, this one's all about the dream girl
See if you can guess what she really is...

Thanks for reading! :)


[I just want a sip.]

And oh it's the end of the world!
So let's go! Dance! Dance! Drink an hurl!
Get in the truck and Drink and drive!
Start the party! Fuck to feel alive!
'Cause we all need that good ol' buzz
That comes with Death before the